Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 119

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.119. Welcome to the fresh renovated Webpage, we’re making everything chique for celebrating 10 Years of the Cumbia Round Up next month, also you can expect a new Andrés Digital Album Sigue la Lucha with 9 Tunes and Guests from Jamaica, Argentina and Mexico.
Diego, Diego, Diego, Diego,Diego … Ad10s Diego Armando Maradona!

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1 – Disco Devil (Andrés Digital Remix) – Lee “Scratch” Perry
First we gone sent out some shoutouts to our dear colleagues of the Cassette Blog celebrating their 10th Birthday with a massive 59 Track Compilation. You can Download that for free or you can Donate something over the Bandcamp. So we come in with the Grandmaster of Dub inna Reggae Cumbia Style.

2 – Kumbia En La Alhambra – Bigote
From Granada, Spain comes the man Bigote, part of the mysterious Caballito Colectivo with an 7 Track EP released on Kumbia Obscura
3 – Momento – Memo Pimiento
Upcoming on Folcore Records – New EP by the Mexican-Belgian Electric Orchestra.

4 – Cumbia del Asilo – Frente Cumbiero
Here comes the free energy of Jazz combined with the sizzling rhythm of the Cumbia. Mario Galeano and his Frente Cumbiero with the Delio Valdez in the Metal Section. Super Album!! Enjoy the Roots of Tropicanibalism! Released on Discos Biche.

5 – Jacuí Xinguense – Pedro Canoeiro
Futurismo Afroindígena is a 2 Track EP released on New Latam Beats. Afro-indigenous futurism is perhaps the best definition of Pedro Canoeiro’s music, which seeks the folkloric mystique of various ethnic groups from around the world.
6 – El ritmo del alma – Chirimoyo
This wonderful combination of the 8 Bit Sound with a jazzy Clarinette on a organic Cumbia Beat by Mexicos Chirimoyo is Part of the 10th Birthday Compilation by the Cassette Blog.
7 – La Cumbia Toxica – Alberto Luna & Enrikisimo Dj
More Electrocumbia from DF

8 – Mas Y Mas – Gambol Music vs. Dj Birth Defects
DJ Birth Defects duels Gambol Music in a fight over the favor of the goddess of music. The trial takes them through all the levels of the underground in this album of redefined sexy and burlesque Techno Cumbia. Los Diabolos del Sur is a 10 Track Album.

9 – Quinto Fuego – Derrok
Quinto Fuego is a new Collective and brandnew Label to spot on electrónica orgánica del sur de Chile. Tierra de Volcanes Vol.1 is a chilled 4 Track EP.
10 – El Caribe (ft. Ghetto Kumbé) – Mawimbi
More than two years after it was initiated, Mawimbi’s collaboration with Colombia’s Ghetto Kumbe is finally being released. El Caribe is the second ever original production from Paris-based collective Mawimbi and the first extract from Mawimbi’s debut album, to be released in 2021.
11 – Pump Up The Jam (Intiche Edit) – Technotronic
Feel the Cosmic intention of Intiche to keep providing joy and happiness with his unique and elegant touch
12 – Laika – Lascivio Bohemia
Just found this one released on Edmoon Records. We are in Ecuador!

13 – Yela – Sonikgroove
Travesia is a 4 Track EP from Barcelombia. Let yourself traverse through Latin America immersed in the underground clubs of its endless spirited cities and history; passing across the deepest jungles and imposing mountains of Los Andes, all the way to the exotic beaches of the Afro-Caribbean.
14 – Bomba Luna – Nirso
Did I tell you that our good friends from Cassette Blog turned 10?

15 – El Toro (Kensaye Remix) – Banda Westfalica
Daniel Haaksman´s Man Recordings label was established in 2005 and since then it was bringing on the hottest Brazilian oriented Latin Bass Music. This Compilation comes with 15 Tracks and Artists like Edu K, Banda Westfalica, Uproot Andy, Isa GT, MC Gringo and many more.

16 – Break Away – Thornato
With 10 Tracks and lots of Marimbas comes the new Album Escape Plan by Thornato released on Wonderwheel Recordings. Enjoy Guests like Sotomayor, Jahdan Blakkamore, El Buho and more….I wish I would have a escape Plan for this times.

17 – Umama (Original Mix) – Degruvme, Hector Flores, Irka Mateo
From LA comes this groovin Banger!
18 – Valle de los Reyes – Los Reyes de la Milanga
From Cordoba Argentina to Egypt
19 – Mes Couleurs (ft. Bachan Kaur) – Thornato
Another one from the cool Escape Plan Album by NYC Resident Thornato

20 – Corazón – Turm Water
…and the last one for this Round is a Ep for the Kids and those who stayed young released on New Latam Beats