Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 118

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No.118. Hope you all got a chilled Dia de los Muertos. Europe is back to quarantine but hope will never die, so stay strong, we will dance and groove together when this Virus is under control. Meanwhile wear a mask and keep yourself healthy.
Also we still have some problems on the Website, so the mobile View don’t work, use the Desktop View.

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1 – El Carretero (El Messy Bootleg) – Guillermo Portabales
From Guadalajara, MX comes el Messy with a 3 Track Remix EP released on Caballito.
2 – Todos en la cuadra bien locos (FREEBOT Cumbia Remix) – Dharius
From Monterrey Mx comes Freebot with this Banger.

3 – Noon Cumbia – Mister Teen
From Santiago Chile comes Mister Teen with a 3 Track EP released on Sello Regional

4 – Santa Lucia – Arrabalero
Ok, come to the dark side, we have Cumbias. This is a 4 track EP by Arrabalero released by Kumbia Obscura

5 – Around Limp – Rec-Sonidera
Somewhere from MX come Rec-Sonidera with this cool 3 Track EP combining slowed down Cumbia Beats with chilled Synthesizer Sounds. This is released on Caballito.
6 – Infiel 2020 – Toromata Ft Grupo Kual
We stay in MX and the Sonidero Sound

7 – La Maltratada – La Dame Blanche
Ella is a 10 Track Album. With her explosive mix of Hip Hop, Cumbia, Dancehall, Reggae and Reggaeton the Cuban singer, flautist and percussionist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche delivers a powerful and compelling sound which summons the spirits.
8 – Colombia – Masilva, Latenaz, Laura Román, Linda Habitante, Virgilio Rodríguez, Daniela Trujillo
Listening to the news from Colombia lately is no fun. We heard about Police brutality and killed indigenes leaders.

9 – Maxaca (ft. Qechuaboi) – Rolo Gallardo
Visiones Stereo is a 11 Track Album released on Sello Regional.

10 – Guerrero del dia (Derrok remix) – Rodrigo Gallardo
Fuerza Andina is a chilled 7 Track EP with Remixes from Santiago, Chile released by Sello Regional
11 – Cumbia Soledeña (Deela Edit) – Los Vecinos
Deela draws his inspiration from traditional music styles from all over the world, creating his own fusion of Global Bass, Latin, House, Afrobeat and Cumbia.

12 – Commin Down – Los Bulldozer
Hailing from the countryside near Bogotá, where the huge city reaches down into its more tropical surroundings, Los Bulldozer is the perfect combo to inaugurate this new musical adventure. Led by the unearthly guitarist Fabian Morales and his mind-bending experiments, Los Bulldozer have their own particular way of bringing international influences like Soukous, West-African blues and post-punk to the already exquisite musical diversity of key Colombian styles such as Currulao, Champeta, and Reggaeton.

13 – No sleep – Andrés Digital ft. Maxi Jazz, Method Man, Redman, DMX, Fred Durst
He Visto el Futuro is a ultradanceable 5 Track Remix and Mashup EP bringing together Cumbia, Reggae, Afrobeat and Electronica released on Cassette Exclusivos. It’s a free Download. Streaming on Soundcloud
14 – Himno de la guardia indigena
Back to Colombia con fuerza y Corazón!
15 – Bicicleta – Los Mirlos
This one goes out to all the Bike Riders!
16 – La Niña Grande – Thornato & Sotomayor
First Tune from the upcoming Thornato Album ft. Sotomayor. What a beast!
17 – Funky Amor – Los Bulldozer
Not your usual sun-kissed summer vibe, but a deeper, moody interpretation of the dualities felt under equatorial latitudes. This comes with 7 Tracks and is released by Galletas Calientes Digital and Vinyl.
18 – I have seen the Future (Andrés Digital Remix) – Fela Kuti
One more from the He visto el Futuro EP. CassetteSoundcloud
19 – La Condenada – La Dame Blanche
One more from the cool Album Ella. Specially check this Album when you like Rap en Español!
20 – La Currambera (Instrumental) – Sonido Cacomix
And at least we give over to the Sonideros from Argentina to close this Round. Released on Wakan Tanka