Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 117

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No. 117 presenting the newest and hottest stuff from Cumbialandia.

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1 – Eso Que Tu Haces – Lido Pimenta
Starting this Round Up with the new Album by Lido Pimenta. “Miss Colombia” comes with 11 Songs and is nominated for the Latin Grammys as best alternative Album and is coming with a really relaxed Sound mixing her Roots from Baranquilla with modern Pop music. The alternative Music Magazines compare her with Shakira and Björk.

2 – Nada (ft. Li Saumet) – Lido Pimenta
3 – Volver A Los 17 (Lascivio Bohemia, Alvaro Isla & Tribilin Sound Edit) – Violeta Parra
This Remix of the classic Track by Violeta Para is released on Regional combining Chile, Peru and Ecuador.
4 – La Guagua (elchicoquenuncasonrie DJ rebajado remix) – Don Medardo
This Remix rebajado is released by Edmoon Records from Ecuador and is a Free Download.

5 – Pelomedusa – Coconutah
The Four Points Ep from Coconutah come with 4 Tunes in that Reggae Cumbia Style we really love here. Released on La Selva Records.
6 – Duende Come (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Vitu Valera
“Duende Come Remixes” is the current album by the Peruvian multi-instrumentalist Vitu Valera, whose inspiration is Afro and Latin sounds, always in search of the expansion of music towards imaginaries that connect the ancestral with Electronic music. The Ep comes with 1 Tune and 3 Remixes on New Latam Beats
7 – Del trópico al ecuador – Chirimoyo
In his debut album, Chirimoyo gives voice to the instruments using melodies that oscillate between latin tradition and electronic music. Clarinet, saxophone and latin percussion mix with electronic textures, effects and improvised solos throughout the 8 tracks of this release out on Folcore.

8 – Guapocho Bit – Chirimoyo
9 – Mambo – Paco Mendoza
Our homie Paco Mendoza with a new Video and a supercatchy Song.

10 – No Todo Lo Que Brilla Es Oro ft Rebeca Lane – Sonido Pesao
Sonido Pesao is a Latin Urban/Latin Rap band based in Montreal, Canada. And Todo Revuelto is a banging 10 Track Album.
11 – Oye Que Sabor – Sonido Cacomix, Zona Norte
This time Augusto Santone comes with another Rebajada combining Forces with Zona Norte aka. Emiliano Gomez y Adrian Lopardo. Released on Wakan Tanka.
12 – Dios – Mexican Instituto de Sonido
New Song from Camilo Lara with heavyweight Guestlist. Also available as Uzelito Remix

13 – Sampuesana (Andres Digital Remix) – Cumbia Cosmonauts
He visto el futuro is the new 5 Track EP by Andrés Digital released on Cassette Exclusivos. Even when many people in the moment have to stay at home and the Clubs are closed this one is made strictly to dance and move combining Cumbia, Reggae, Afrobeat and Electronics. Also available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

14 – Cumbia de la Soledad ft. Corina Lawrence – La Maldición de Monkey Island
Santa Muerte is a stylish 3 Track EP released on Hawaii Bonsaï Records.

15 – Cumbia En Tu Soledad – Ranil
If you travel up the Amazon, past the city of Manaus and past the Brasilian/Peruvian border, you will eventually reach the city of Iquitos, the home of Raúl Llerena Vásquez – known to the world as Ranil – a Peruvian singer, bandleader, record-label entrepreneur and larger-than-life personality who swirled the teeming buzz of the Amazonian jungle, the unstoppable rhythms of Colombian and Brazilian dance music, and the psychedelic electricity of guitar-driven Cumbias. This comes with 14 Songs and is released on Analog Africa.

16 – Black Catbird – The Garifuna Collective
“A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean” is the second Volume in the series. For this edition Shika Shika have shifted focus north of the equator and to the vulnerability of bird species like the Momoto Carenado (Nicaragua), Ferminia (Cuba) and the Jamaican Blackbird (Jamaica), birds who have dwindled in numbers as a result of the environmental repercussions of climate change, deforestation and trapping for the pet trade. So this Album comes with 10 Tunes inspirited by the Tropical Birds
17 – Tomando Trago – Pancho Camacho
You know that we are focused only on new Stuff here, but sometimes slips some older stuff into the mix.

18 – Onas – elzombiflash
With a fat Steppers Sound comes elzombiflash from Miramar, Argentina. This is a 3 Track EP “Selknam Dembow remembering the Selknam, native Tribe from the Island Tierra del Fuego.
19 – Satisfy Me ft. Elvis Presley, Lady Saw – Andres Digital
Another one from the He visto el futuro EP. Also check the original Article written by Pablo Borchi on Cassette wich includes a little history into Global Bass. The EP is a Free Download! Also available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
20 – El Indio Apolinar (Clap Freckles Remix) – Matanza
Mixing up the Andean Tribalistic vibes by Matanza with MTY 3ball is really a good Idea, hope to hear more stuff like this. A Bailar!