Afrobeat – Dandana + Global Afrobeat Movement

DANDANA – Free the System

DANDANA is a musical collective with musicians from the Netherlands, Senegal and The Gambia. Their sound pays tribute to traditional West African rhythm and grooves, and the love for ambient and synthesizers. The Album comes with 7 Tracks and is released on Rebel Up Records.

Together they chose to let go of the past and take a new musical path. They do this by combining traditional instruments from Senegal and The Gambia such as sabar, xalam and balafon with percussion, electronic drum pads and a range of vintage synthesizers. Inspired by West African psychedelic mandingue pioneers Guelewar, Ifang Bondi & Touré Kunda to the synth-driven vibes of bands like Air & Tame Impala. ‘Free the System’ will take you on a journey through a new universe.

Mukambo presents Global Afrobeat Movement

More than twenty years after Fela Kuti’s death Afrobeat is more alive than ever. DJ Mukambo compiled a nice and groovy selection for the Global Afrobeat Movement. The Bands come from the different corners of the world, from Melbourne to Lisbon, from Bahia to Tokyo, from Mozambique to Lagos. Get ready for the grooviest Afrobeat. The Complation is released by NYP Records and is a free Download!