Afroelectronix with African Electronic Diaspora and Gafacci

African Electronic Diaspora: Black Lives Matter

On this compilation Rebel Up Records brought together mostly electronic African or Afro descendant artists from the worldwide diaspora and artists based in their homelands, from motherland Africa to Latin America to the Caribbean and back to Europe. It’s a vibrant combination of contemporary sounds that showcases the current talent of the artists and producers, combined with awareness for black lives & art and serving as a fundraiser.
Dandana from the Netherlands, The Gambia and Senegal brings Afro-Futurist mandingo funk, heavily filled by influences of Guelewar and Ifang Bondi.

Diron Animal hails from the Cazenga ghetto of Luanda, Angola. For his musical ambitions he moved to Porto, Portugal and became part of “rockuduro” band Throes + The Shine for several years before he decided to go solo.

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Gafacci – Face the Wall EP

Gafacci from Ghana, delivers a minimal club oriented compilation with exciting collaborations (Bryte, Chefbanku, Guiltybeatz, Jakhal) along the way and sets the tone for year 2020. This release draws back to the artists signature sound listeners has become accustomed to before his last project Tash BNM which was ranging more below 127 BPM.
A release careful curated to equip every DJ set/mix/playlist or dance moves to erupt entire dance floors from Accra to London and the rest of the World.