Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 116

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No116 transmitting direct from Cumbialandia. The world is in trouble and if you think that it will got any worse…..sorry will not talk about futbol yet…keep care familia lot of weird spirits out there lately…keep healthy and dance at home!

The Coverart is by Christian Sweet. Find more Eye-Candy here

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1 – NC2017 – Tranzo
From Phoenix, Arizona comes Tranzo with a cool 11 Track Album Cumbia Galaxia filled with Digital Cumbias.

2 – Croco – Kami Kama
From Neuquen to BsAs, Kami Kama comes with an 8 Track Album Sur presenting the typical Digital Sound from Argentina. Cumbia Doom.
3 – Same Boat (ft. Patrice & Kobo Town) – Calypso Rose
Calypso Rose is a 80 years old legendary singer from Trinidad. She’s the queen of Calypso for so many years. Check out the Riddim carefull and you will find the Cumbiabeat in it.

4 – Boss Bish – Atropolis
Time of Sine represents the positive and negative forces in life, as a producer Atropolis is stuck between acoustic and electronic worlds, the sine wave is what bridges them together for him. The Album comes with 11 stylish Tunes released on Wonderwheel Records.

5 – Cumbia del barrio Ft MXCL – Exta Machine
Cumbia, Rebajado and Trap from MTY by Extra Machine. Segunda Parte comes with 3 Tracks.

6 – Opekepe – Minyo Cumbieros
Tokyo-based ten-piece and wild Japanese folk-song fusionists, Minyo Crusaders join forces with Colombian cumbia radicals Frente Cumbiero on Minyo Cumbiero, a collaborative release that fuses ancient Japanese folk songs with heavyweight Colombian styles. The Ep comes with 4 Tracks.
7 – El Camino (ft. Vermilion Bird) – Atropolis
One more from the Atropolis Album.
8 – Las Wachas – Kami Kama
One more from the Album Sur by Kami Kama
9 – Nu Cumbia Espacio – Tranzo
…and, one more from Tranzo.
10 – El Cucuy – Cumbia Wayne
Through love and comedy Cumbia Wayne has found his calling to spread the love of ancient world music such as Cumbia to keep the world dancing into the future.

11 – Entre Tu Y Yo – Sonido Pesao
Sonido Pesao is a Latin Urban/Latin Rap band based in Montreal, Canada. Todo Revuelto is a 10 Track Album which remembers the sound of the early Calle 13.

12 – Cumbia Providencia – Conjunto Media Luna
Hailing from Bogotá, Conjunto Media Luna are, mysteriously, the project of five imaginary Colombians who have been getting together during pandemic afternoons to play traditional cumbia sabanera.

13 – Yo Me Voy (Indus Mix) – Son Palenque
Indus is a colombian duo blending acid beats and pop culture with the sounds of the african diaspora in latin america. The band is formed by Barranquilla born producer Oscar Alford, (Sidestepper, Pedrina y Rio, John montoya) and Santa Marta percussionist Dr Keyta (Ghetto Kumbe).This 2 Track EP is released on Palenque Records.

14 – Cumbiastatke (Borchi Remix) – DJ Nirso
With 2 Tracks and 2 Remixes by Borchi and Santi y Tugce comes the new EP Benção from Rodrigo Fonseca (aka Nirso) from São Paulo, Brasil released on Mousikē Records.
15 – La Vacuna – Morru, Henkwart, Don Cholo
La Vacuna comes from Calima Records and is a freeload.

16 – Voces de Madera – Kiko de Gallo
The Long Journey EP consists of four instrumental songs and takes you on a journey through sonic landscapes of global grooves. Filled with electro-organic beats and wrapped with rhythms and sounds from Caribbean to the Far East creates music without borders. This EP connects music styles from around the World and explores the endless paths of contemporary electronic music.

17 – Pide Mas – Ghetto Kumbe
Raised on Colombia’s Caribbean coast and united by its capital, Bogota, Ghetto Kumbé combines the rich musical heritage of their home, to invoke the spirit of digital rumba in audiences all over the world. The secret behind their irresistible electronic ritual lies in their powerful percussion base; Caribbean house beats and traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms inherited from West Africa. The album’s co-producer, The Busy Twist, adds all the legacy of UK’s Bass scene to the Afro-futuristic sounds of the 3 Colombians.
18 – Lengua Ri Suto (feat. Kombilesa Mi) – Ghetto Kumbe
The Album is released on ZZK
19 – El Rompecabezas – El Keamo
El Keamo is a project neo-cumbia influenced by different styles like cumbia sonidera, tribal, house and acid.
20 – Lejania Remix Dub – Tropikhongo
And the last Tune for this Round Up from BsAs Tropikhongo