Mixtape – Señor Gaviria – Verano Corazon

A lot of Afrocolombian, Champeta and Tropical Sound mixed in Colombian Soundsystem Style you will find on this mixtape by Señor Gaviria.

Señor Gaviria, better known as Pablo Gaviria, is a Colombian music producer and DJ who takes many influences, such as Colombian folklore, electronic music and Afro-Colombian styles, reggae from the Colombian island of Providencia and Champeta from the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

He is a pioneer Dijing sets with tools from the Colombian Picos and his forte has been the development of a new Colombian alternative and independent music scene in Bogotá since 2004 with his recording studio Mono Estudios.
Just released the Albums Crema on Hawai Bonsai Records and Crema Remixed on Tropical Bass with his Band Banana Sound Cartel.
He has been a producer, co-producer and collaborator of more than 20 discs among which are Los Transatlanticos, Bomba Estereo, Pulenta, Kombilesa Mi…