Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 103

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Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No103 and we got some new hot and spicy Kumbias for you. Check the Mix.

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1 – La Vitamina – Kumbia Boruka
Starting this Round Up with the new 10 Track Album by Kumbia Boruka. Stream on Spotify.
2 – Cruzando el río ft. Joe Crepúsculo – Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
From Juárez to El Paso. From Tánger to Gibraltar. El río Bravo, El Ebro o el Nilo. El río se cruza.
3 – Selvatico – Freebot
From MTY to the World.
4 – Te Quiero Para Mi – Caballo
Really looking forward for the upcoming Caballo Album. Tropical Bass marked this as Banger!

5 – Añoranza en las Yungas – Lagartijeando
Jallalla is a chilled 10 Track Album by Lagartijeando aka. Mati Zundel released on Wonderwheel. Traditional Charango meets Andean Folktronic.
6 – Cumbia Con Sabor – Pachanguito
La pachanga started in Sevilla
7 – Sal y Agua (Taitamachine Remix) – Lisandro Meza
Over to Quito

8 – Loca – Banana Sound Cartel
The 9 Track Album Crema by the Banana Sound Cartel with Roots in Bogota was released on Hawai Bonsai Records

9 – Ella no quiere hablar conmigo – Kumbia Queers
Wow…what a Album by the Kumbia Queers. La Oscuridad Bailable comes with 10 Songs between Pop Pearls, Punky Cumbias and lots of Energy.
10 – La Vieja Escuela – Kumbia Boruka
Check the Video for the Version Rebajada with a lil lesson into the History of the Sound.

11 – Rebelar – Paco Mendoza : Deela : Andrés Digital
Brandnew 10 Track Album released on Tropical Bass with Guests like Paco Mendoza, Deela, Fanfare Ciocarlia & Caballo searching for new tendencies Cumberos. SoundcloudSpotifyBandcamp
12 – Amor Modular – Salsa Fingers
Thomas Von Party and Iñigo Vontier are the Salsa Fingers and this is their debut on Pigmalião’s Label ‘I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul’
13 – Viral – Kumbia Queers
One more from La Oscuridad Bailable. Te voy a gobernar…BsAs!
14 – El Marginal – Sara Hebe ft. Brujjas
Something new from Brujas DJ and Sara Hebe
15 – Puesta – Kumbia Queers
Two more from La Oscuridad Bailable

16 – Luna ft. Los Yukas – Puta Final Feliz
Vamos a Perriar is a 4 Track EP mixing up Salsa, Dembow and Reggaeton released on Sello Regional.
17 – Es Cumbia ft. Miss Wife – Banana Sound Cartel
Crema is also availale Remixed and we have a Interview with BSC Mastermind Pablo Gaviria. Also check this 2 Mixtapes by Pablo Gaviria – Verano CorazonCrema

18 – Otun ft. Nidia Gongora – Montoya
Relaxed 11 Track Album released on ZZK with Guests like Nidia Gongora and Pedrina.

19 – Los Animales (Doma Tornados Remix) – Corina Lawrence
Corina Lawrence mixes ritmos folklóricos with electrónics, Sounds Urbanos, Hip hop and latin-american Songwriting. Here comes a 4 Track Remix Ep Los Animales
20 – Sangre Mestiza – Caballo : Andrés Digital
Also there is a Mixtape released on Kumbale presenting the Guaracha Tropical. Really happy to have this Collaboration on the Album after long years of working on the same thing! Guaracha Tropical! SoundcloudSpotifyBandcamp