Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 100

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No100. When I started to play the Cumbia Round Up on I never thought that this Show will run for such a long time. But now we are transfromed into the Encyclopidia
of the Nu Cumbia Sound. We make people dance, we make people think different – Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia – No Borders, No Walls! But no time to celebrate and some releases in the Pipeline. The 10 Track Album Guaracha Tropical ft. Paco Mendoza, Deela, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Caballo will be published soon on Tropical Bass. And the 3 Track EP Bienvenidos a Cumbialandia soon on Latino Resiste ft. Banana Sound Cartel, Afrika Bambaataa, Tupac, Lisandro Mesa. And…there will be a new Mixtape out soon. Lot of things to come. Run the Round Up Selektah!

The Cover was made by Ernesto Yerena – Check his stuff!

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1 – Check Ignition – Savage Project
Starting the Roundup with a 2018 8 Track Album Jettatura. Tribal rhythms, different trends of electronic music — cumbia, tribal, footwork, dub, hip hop, world music… are combined with video creations, 3D, animation and new movements of visual art.

2 – Es Cumbia (Sonido Berzerk Remix) – Banana Sound Cartel
Get the Banana Sound Cartel Crema Remixed 6 Track Album on all plattforms. Here comes the Footwork Version from Sonido Berzerk. Just Brilliant!

3 – Iansa (ft. Dana Maman) – Yukicito
I’ve always been a big fan of Yukicitos Remixes and MashUps and here he comes with an 7 Track EP One released on Wonderwheel. A dance-floor fusion between African rooted music of both Brazil’s Atlantic coast & The Pacifico music of Colombia’s Pacific coast, we feel the roots & the thump of long running Los Angeles party called ‘La Junta’.

4 – El Raton (Caballo Edit) – Cheo Feliciano
Latino Music can’t deny the immense influence Fania has had all over the past 40 years in shifting what we consider Salsa music. And for the past few years we have seen the fania label themselves involving more and more in the current urban scene’s sound with releases that cover a lot of the dancefloor inspired trends as well as trying to keep alive the sentiment that made them a trademark. 2 Track EP by Latino Resiste.
5 – La Tetanik (Cumbiaton Mix) – Sonido Goony
New Sounds from Sonido Goony.
6 – Saca La Rakataka (SX Hanna Rmx)
Hanna follows the Cumbia Rave styles and this is another one from her upcoming EP Luz y Fuerza

7 – No Te Metas Con Satan – Chupame El Dedo
Back in 2014 when Chupame el Dedo first released the self-titled Album they weren’t sure if people could hold their mojitos while banging to their music. In 2019 they seriously advise to keep your hands free while listening to their second album, “No Te Metas Con Satan” , a humorous title for music that expels cartoonish metal-vibes mixed with tropical rhythms. Formed by psych cumbia master Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers) and Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo), the man that found the perfect cocktail mix for acid + folk + tropical beats, Chupame El Dedo are ready to mess around with Satan.
8 – Kumbia Boruka ft. Celso Piña & Pato Machete (Bial Hclap remix)
Next two Tunes Riddim Wize from Mexico to Argentina.

9 – Revolucion Cumbiera – Los Pibes Losa
A touch of the Clash and lots of Cumbia comes from Los Pibes Losa. Nice 6 Track EP named Si te cabe to lo digo
10 – La Clave (Nixtamal Remix) – Banana Sound Cartel
Stepping into the Cartels Dancehall with La Clave performed by Big Mancilla and remixed by Nixtamal.

11 – Kayre (Andrés Digital Remix) – Aluphobia and Hataah
The dia:tribes REMIXES released by the University of Tropical Sound comes with 17 Tracks playing with all Global Bass Styles
12 – Entrega De Amor (RoleFranco Refix) – Angeles Azules
2 Trax in Version Cumbia and Moombah released on Latino Resiste
13 – One (Instrumental) – Yukicito
One more from Yukicitos brilliant EP
14 – A.R.M.A.S (NIRSO Remix) – Biomigrant
One more from the dia:tribes REMIXES
15 – Yukizinho – Yukicito
….and last but not least…One more from Yuki

16 – Happy Alone With You – Panther Panther
Digital Dreams, the latest work by Panther Panther! is a collection of three tracks celebrating digital tropical music of the future. Upbeat, funky and drawing from various global influences from cumbia and moombahdeep to global club and tropical bass, this selection is unashamedly futuristic, embracing global fusions and robotic explorations that will make your hips unstuck, as they go round and round in circles of 0s and 1s.Released on Folcore
17 – San Jacinto Ritmo (Salvaje RMX) – Anibal Velásquez Y Su Conjunto
Cool Remix by Ritmo Salvaje
18 – I’m an Albatraoz – DJ Tamalero & Dj Juice
Great Track, Flirting with Jazz, and of course bringing the whole 3ball game to full throttle, we can get our hands to this flume for #zeropesos! released by Latino Resiste. If you want go back in time, remember El Tribalero released in 2002