Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 99

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No99 presenting the hottest and newest Cumbias bailables.

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1 – Loca (Dead Stare Remix) – Banana Sound Cartel
The “Banana Sound Cartel”, formerly known as “Los Transatlanticos”, is a worldwide artist collective known for mixing Colombian Cumbia, Afrotropical and Electronic Music. We are very happy to release this baby with 6 Remixes by our fav Remixers from around the Globe. StreamBuy

2 – Sin Darle Motivo – Uji La Charo
Six years after the death of Leda Valladares Fertil Discos y Folcore releasing the 12 Track Electrofolclore Album El Camino de Leda. Find Remixes de Chancha via Circuito, King Coya, Barda, el >remolon, Yin Yerei and many more. Album is available Digital and Vinyl.

3 – Cumbia Brega Ecuatorial (Señor Chancho Dub Remix) – Sonora Digital & Uaná System
This 4 Track EP by Señor Chancha was released on Regional for free Download.
4 – El Chuntaro Style (Guachraca) – Sonido Landero
Step into the Session with Sonido Landero

5 – Canción del Rey – Gitkin
Wonderwheel is celebrating his 15 Years Celebrities with an 15 Track Compilation with Artists like Chancha via Circuito, Mateo Kingman, Nickodemus, Poirier, Atropolis, Nicola Cruz and many more

6 – El sol brilla en mayo – Flor de yage
This will be released Digital and on Yellow Vinyl soon by Ajicero
7 – C U M B I A A M E N A – Moodkillah
When Cumbia goes classic. Heavy Remix by Moodkillah.
8 – Cumbicha – Flor de yage
From Hannover to Cumbialandia with lots of Chicha.

9 – Pua ft. Penya – Dengue Dengue Dengue
Semillero is an 6 Track EP by DDD, also available Digital and Vinyl.
10 – Suma Pinta Yage (Barbarella Remix) – Yemanjo
Pachamama Remixed is an 4 Track EP released on KONN
11 – Papi Chulo (SX Hanna Rmx) – Lorna
Classicos del Dembow in Version Cumbia always banging!

12 – La Cigarra (Andres Digital Remix) – Climaco Sarmiento
Here comes the new Andrés Digital 5 Track Mash Up EP free to take away on Cassette Exclusivos.
13 – La Cumbia Explosiva – Andrés Digital ft. Bon Scott
This EP has classic Cumbias, Futuristic Beatz, giving the shit on Borderwalls and is strictly made to move forward.
14 – Aprieta (Yukicito Remix) – Banana Sound Cartel
We have a long Interview on the Blog talking to Pablo Gaviria, also you will find all links to streaming and Buy. Also watch out for Yukicitos upcoming EP!
15 – El Loro Y La Lora – DJ Caution
DJ Caution back on the Track make people move.
16 – Sana (Panther Panther Remix) – Banana Sound Cartel
Next one from the Banana Sound Cartel Album diving deep into the Bristol inspiered Sound by Panther Panther

17 – KungFu Cumbia Afrobeat – Manati
Manati is a changeable being with a mind of his own, constantly exploring frontiers between genres. An effortless combination of Funk, Cumbia, jazz, Salsa, Balearic, Disco and Afro Beat is serving mind-expanding melodies to produce a strong and coherent entity. 4 Track EP on Galletas Calientes

18 – Cumbia Sampuesana (DJ.Panko Rmx) – Abelardo Carbono
Panko Pa’ Palenque / Afrocolombia Reworks is an 9 Track Album with Remixes out of the Palenque Records treasure box.

19 – Locoduro – Cumbia Cosmonauts
Cumbia Cosmonauts & The Radio Africa Band is the second album by sonic explorers. It is an afro-futurist soundtrack for the dancefloor, in which the Cumbia Cosmonauts’ distinct take on cumbia and tropical bass meets the ancient musical traditions of the West African griots. Released on Hawai Bonsai.

20 – Trap house screwmbia rework – Royal Highness
The Cumbia Crates steppin into Round 5 still combining the east with the West and the North with the South..
21 – Minas Gerais – Sonido Berzerk
Sonido Berzerk always on the search of new Sounds.
22 – Metsu (Original Mix) – Dead Stare
This is 4 Track Ep by Dead Stare released on Hawai Bonsai

23 – La Utopia – Biomigrant
Set to the rhythms of Bunde and Currulao, the 4 Track EP Ermitaño, released by Shika Shika follows the iconic sound of the Chonta Marimba as it disembarks from its native coasts to navigate new currents, carried along by deep electronic pulses, gusts of wind instruments, and dreamscapes of water and concrete.