Gato Preto – Mendinga Carnival feat. LusAfro Allstars (EP)

New release by Gato Preto, transmitting direct of “Mendinga Carnival feat. LusAfro Allstars”.

Gato Preto have been part of the “LusAfro Project” to exchange music between lusophone Africa and Germany in April 2017. While spending time with other artists in Cape Verde Lee Bass and Gata Misteriosa teamed up with Dino D’Santiago, Alberto Koenig and Rapaz 100 Juiz to create a new interpretation of a Mendinga Carnival song.The Song Mendinga celebrates the Creole Culture of Cape Verde in a new modern interpretation of this Carnival Classic ft. Cape Verde Stars Dino D’Santiago, Rapaz 100 Juiz and Alberto Koenig and Nitry join on this Banger.
The Remixes come from all around the Globe. Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist), BIZT, Will Villa, Rebel Up!, Andres Digital, Flux Trax, Nixtamal and Ronda Sound Collective made special Dancefloor versions.