Q+A with Malo Malone – El Guion (Album)

Here comes the new Album “El Guion” by Malo Malone. It is a 12 Track Album featuring the newest and deepest Cumbia Sounds combined with fine storytelling Rap, presented in a bizarre Universe created by Malo Malone.

TB – Arnold, your trip started in Venezuela over Barcelona to Stockholm. How does a Venezuelan feel in the dark and cold North.
MM – It’s a different life than what I was used to, these dark and cold lands are closed societies, but full of talented people and very dedicated to their work. My country taught me the rhythm, Barcelona taught me to become a full time musician and Sweden taught me to conceptualize my work. The result of this equation is fundamental when analyzing the music and lyrics of El Malo Malone.

TB – Tell me something about El Malo Malone. What Kind of Person is this man?
MM – El Malo Malone is like a character from a script, he is the bad guy of the movie, capable to say things that hurt or make people laugh. He is the kind of guy that you either hate or love but never forget. Those who live in the Truman show may never fully understand the cynical and immoral vision of El Malo Malone.

TB – You worked with a lot of producers on this Album. Tell me Something about the process, how did you work out your songs?
MM – After 2 years cooking up this album with slow fire, I had the opportunity to know and work with some very gifted people and amazing producers. Daniel Cronström, the man behind the mixes, achieved to put a unique punk and visceral sound to a Cumbia rap album. The artist Åskbollen! made arrangement in one of the masterpieces of my musical career “Venganza”, where he plays the Cello, and also Accordion and Synths in “El Espejo” and “El Ladron de Momentos”. The editor in chief of this album, Jim Colominas, is a man with a huge wisdom, sound engineer and insatiable polymath who was behind the difficult work of checking through all the content of the album, many times he said “redo it, do it again and again”. Colette Wuolikainen is the one in charge of keeping the art-line and the musical concept aligned with the contemporaneity, she is also the DJ and a very charismatic performer of the live act. Andres Digital, co-produced alongside me the song “La Bruja”. It turn out to be one of the most powerful songs of the album in the live act, that people go crazy over. I also have to give my thanks to El Dusty, Bigote, Erick Jaimez, Happy Colors, D`Maduro and Fresco who have shaped the first steps of the creation of El Malo Malone.

TB – When I heard the first song I was thinking of René and Calle 13. Lyrical Content in a dramatic flow with top Sounding Beats. What are your influences as a rapper.
MM – As a Rapper I have a bunch of influences, in Spanish, English, and French but here I want to focus on the artists with my native tongue. One of my favorites are Tego Calderon, Vico C, Nach, Toteking and recently also MC Babo from Cartel De Santa because a lot of people started to compare me to him. It’s not the first time that people compare me to Rene from Calle 13 or a.k.a Residente, I have respect and admiration for him and I understand the comparison because I work with this dramatic flow/ flow lento as a signature of El Malo Malone. But if you listen carefully to my flow and lyrics you can hear a differences, specially in my lyrics. Rene is a gifted writer, and his message sometimes resembles wikipedia with a vast knowledge, me on the contrary make lyrics who are focused in other topics. He internalizes his reality and I externalize my fiction.

TB – I know that your lyrics are very important for you and you always telling short stories in your Songs. Where does this inspiration come from?
MM – Ever since I was young I was a “natural born storyteller”. For this project I got inspiration after reading Carl Jung and Nietzsche. Other reason I write like I do is from my big passion for cinema. Intimacy, intensity, and ubiquity, are sensory elements that I bring from the magic of cinema and try to use them in my lyrics, and I take this structure as a frame to make the viewer enter the story. That’s why my debut album is called “El Guión” that means “The Script”.


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