Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 97

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No97. Cumbiaholix, time to say Happy Xmas and have a nice and lovley Trip to 2019. Stay blessed and keep up the good Vibes.
One ting: We dont talk about nations here, because Cumbialandia don’t has limitations, its a worldwide movement that is not owned by anybody. There are no walls, no borders, only this Riddim coming from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia that is uniting the people and make people move.

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1 – Pulp Cumbia – Philthy Dronez
Starting with a Classic. Think I played this 10 years ago for the first Time in a Set. Massive Banger. Here comes the Version 2018 by Philty Dronez.

2 – Sicko Mode Cumbia – Erick Jaimez
The Dallas Cumbiaholic aka Cumbia Traplord has a 22 Track Album out combinig the North with the South.

3 – Droga – El Malo Malone
El Guion is the new 12 Track album by Malo Malone. We have some more Tunes in the mix and if you want to go real deep into this Album check the Q + A with Malo Malone
4 – Black Flauta – Bigote
A new one by Bigote who also had his hands on Malo Malones Drugs.

5 – Cumbia Sobre El Mar (El Búho Remix) – Quantic
Tributaries: A Remix Album out on Wonderwheel brings El Buho’s best remixes for other artists over the last 8 years – some new, some unreleased, and some old classics. Tunes by Quantic, Alsarah & The Nubatones, Chancha Via Circuito, Lulacruza, Lido Pimienta, Begun, Grupo Canalon de Timbiqui, Go Dugong, Deela and more.
6 – La Muerte (Lascivio Bohemia remix) – Biomigrant & Toño García
Original version performed by Biomigrant, Fredys Arrietaft & Toño García (Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto). This version produced by Lascivio Bohemia.
7 – El Espejo – El Malo Malone
Next Banger from Malo Malones Cumbia Rap Album. Did I mention that we not really happy with linking to Spotify, but in this case we can only provide this link.

8 – Nueve4 – Asagi Saundo
Encuentros ExTerrestres continues with Asagi’s voyage which departs from Mexico City’s sonidero culture with destination unknown, this album is full of playful keys, the bass setting the pace and the hypnotic and ever present güiro, 8 tracks that narrate outterworldly encounters.

9 – Blues cumbiero – Moonanga
Born from the fusion between world & electronic music, Moonanga brings out an innovative and captivating style. They dig for inspiration in different genres such as Digital Cumbia, Electro-World, Neo-Traditional, Tropical Bass or even Psychedelic Rock. Tropical Moon is a 4 Track Album released by Folcore.
10 – La Bruja – El Malo Malone
It was a dark night when Malo Malone met Andrés Digital. One armed with a guitar, the other one just with a Guiro.
11 – La Busqueda Del Cumbion – Asagi Saundo
Encuentros ExTerrestres comes with 8 Tracks filled with Mexican Space Cumbia Sound. Released on Etoro Records.
12 – Struggle Gets You Going – Panther Panther
Forward ever, new Tune by Panther Panther released on Stay Tropical heating up the Dancefloor

13 – Noche en la disco – Toty Stylee
Ritmos de las Galaxias is the first EP by Dj Toty Stylee, 6 original songs that representing the new Cumbia Sound of “Gran Buenos Aires”. Release on Wakan Tanka
14 – Who U Wit – Erick Jaimez
Tell me who you with and i tell you who you are. Just great!
15 – Ritmos de la galaxia – Toty Stylee
More from the BsAs Space Sound.
16 – Got Your Cumbia – Erick Jaimez
And another one from Dallas Cumbiaholic 4.
17 – Carnaval (Borchi Bootleg) – DJ Theory
Short trip from MEX TO SFO for Borchi adding some FunkBow to Theorys Moomabah Banger.