Onipa – Woza

Posted On By Andrés

ONIPA means Human, what we all are.. A message of connection through collaboration… From Ghana to London, from our ansestors to our children, ONIPA brings energy, groove, electronics, afrofuturism, dance and fire!

With Roots in Ghana the EP embraces sounds from across the continent of Africa. Electric likembé melts into analogue synth pads in’ Woza’, Congolese guitar work meets disco on ‘Open My Eyes’, heavy synth bass and triplet rap is interlaced with north african Krakebs and west african Kora in I Know and ‘Baala’ gives a nod to South African Shangaan Electro. All in all ‘Open My Eyes’ is a hard hitting debut sure to shake up dance floors worldwide.

Check the 4 Track Ep to be released soon here.