Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 94

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No94 with your Cumbia News Flash.

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #94 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – A La Orilla Del Mar (PapiPérez Edit Rebajado) – Grupo Kual
Starting this Round Up in CDMX rebajado with this coiol Edit by Papi Perez.

2 – Vivencias – Chino Landero
Los Reyes de la Wepa is a 14 Track Compilation. The Evolution goes on.
3 – El Amor (Andrés Digital Remix) – Lisandro Mesa
A Classic brandnew remixed and unreleased!
4 – Patrona – Lao Ra
I’m going in for the kill, Lao says. “I feel like my sound has matured. It’s more like piña colada now – it’s got that little rum twist. I wanna get you all drunk!”
5 – Rasta La Vista (Cumbia Rework) – Sonic Funk Foundry
From Austria comes the Sonic Funk Foundry.
6 – Ven (ft Ohmeg4 & Biukte) – Sonido Mamalón
Uno se va…RIP Sonido Mamalon!
7 – K.Buena [EXCL EDLK 2K18] – Dj Dym
One more from the WEPA compilation.

8 – Ritmo de Terraza – El Mulato
Melaza Tropikal is a 10 Track Album released on SubKlub by El Mulato
9 – Pachangon de Verano feat. Sueños y Raices & Afrotronix – Oonga
From Montreal, Canada comes Oonga with bouncy Bassy Deep Space Funky Monkey Music
10 – Frio – Los Transatlanticos
More upcoming and unreleased stuff from Los Transatlaticons. Seems they Lost Bags on their intercontinental Trip from Bogota to Europa. Watch out for a banging Album coming soon!

11 – Energy (cumbia far away) – Royal Highness
Austins Royal Highness opening their Cumbia Crates for the third Times with 4 quality Mashups.

12 – Gaita NYC (feat. Martin Vejarano) – Atropolis
From NYC Cumba Mela Crew comes Atropolis with an 4 Track EP released on Wonderwheel. “Jump” encompasses the positive force needed when faced with extreme doubt in the presence of pursuing whatever path you may be on. Sometimes you just gotta Jump to make it happen.
13 – Que Fue (Andrés Digital Remix) – Godwonder
More unreleased Stuff Cumbow Style!
14 – Get Low RemiX – Cumbiatron/Ying Yang Twins
From Fresno California comes Del Toro Don who did this one.
15 – Nasty Cowbell – Del Toro Don
One more by Del Toro Don remixing Biggie Smalls

16 – Tropi Tropi Tropi – Pablo Pachacutik
Ritmo del Barrio is a 5 Track EP by Pablo Pachacutik from Bolivia released by the Cassette Exlusives. Love the MC Style -> Fueeego.
17 – Cucumelo Theme – Cucumelo Radio
Sound of Samedia is a collection of 14 tracks from the worldwide Samedia family, a tropical fun machine for dancers. Venue, nightclub, DJ crew and philosophy. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland. No more Cumbia on the Album, but lots of interesting stuff.

18 – Bombo – Plu Con Pla
From Tumaco, Colombia, Plu Con Pla fuses traditional rhythms from the Pacific coast of Colombia with reggae, hip-hop, and subtle electronic beats. The 5 Track EP comes with Marimba and Off Beat released by Galletas Calientes

19 – Horn – Panther Panther
Maquinas Negras is an 4 Track EP released by Bristols Panther Panther released on El Flying Monkey.