Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 92

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No92. This is the place where no-one speaks about politics and about Futbol. Aqui se siente la Cumbia! Check the newest releases, the hottest Remixes…

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1 – Exofilia ExTerrestre – Asagi Saundo
Asagi Saundo is an earthling based in Mexico City, his Cumbia he calls it, ExTerrestre, a sound who was once from the Earth but now has departed into the Universe. Back in the days into the future. Classic CDMX Space Cumbia Sound in a 6 Track Album released on Etoro Records.

2 – Nunca – Elegante & La Imperial
From Lima comes a fine 10 Track Album filled with wicked Chicha and digital Cumbia Vibes.
3 – En el tropico – Thub
En el Tropico is a chilled 10 Track Album from Barcelona based Thub released on Folcore.
4 – A Ver (Señor Chancho Remix) – Scooby Dub & Siete Catorce
The A Ver Ep released on Hawai Bonsai comes with 1 Tune by Berlins Scooby Dub and Remixes by Stas, Tropikore and Señor Chancho.

5 – La Victoria ft. Lido Pimienta & Manu Ranks – Chancha Via Circuito
Chancha via Circuitos new Album Bienaventuranza is now released on Wonderwheel. It comes with 12 spiritual Songs full of folktronic Vibes. Available in Version Digital and Vinyl.
6 – Rumba Chonta (Klik & Frik remix) – Grupo Bahía
2 new Tunes by Klik & Frik released on Shika Shika.

7 – Maracuyá – Thub

8 – La cumbia – Astros de Mendoza
Lots of positiv Energy from CDMX Astros de Mendoza. Here comes a brandnew 10 Track Album Diamantes de la nada.
9 – Piensalo – Elegante & La Imperial
The Album Evulocion is released on Hawai Bonsai Digital and on heavy Vinyl.
10 – Muévelo – Astros de Mendoza
This on features Paris Party Producer, Radioman and Dembow Activist Pedrolito. More Remixes and Mashups from Astros de Mendoza find here.
11 – Alegria – Chancha Via Circuito
12 – Puro comer – Elegante & La Imperial

13 – Soledad (Sonikgroove Edit) – Combo Los Galleros
Barcelona Resident Sonikgroove gives a new Sound to the Soledad.

14 – Que Sera ft. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix) – Deela
The Asi Soy Revisted by Deela highlights his collaborations with Spanish vocalist Maria Garcia Lora by giving them a remix treatment ranging from booty-shaking tropical bass down to the deep basslines of Dub Reggae.
15 – Chant Of A Poor Man Dubby Refix – The Silly Tang
The Leftfield Classic got a lot of Remixes and Refixes, this on got a heavy Dubby Cumbia Style.
16 – Asi Soy ft. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix) – Deela

17 – Algo ft. La Yegros – King Coya
The latest sonic adventure by King Coya, a pioneer of Latin American folklore fused with electronic music, is called Tierra de King Coya – a land where rhythms such as the wayno and instruments from the Andes like the ronroco and tarka, are digitally intertwined with the ritual of dance and celebration. Like a sorcerer from the future, King Coya creates a map of sound exploration navigating the continent through his digital lens. The Album comes with 9 Tracks and is released on ZZK
18 – El Coco No (Xenology Remix) – Roberto Junior & Su Bandeño
Get mad.

19 – Ay Perico – Puta Final Feliz
La Puta final feliz feels Doninicano and Sounds like Mambo. Super Ep released by Cabalito.
20 – Salón de Baile – Puta Final Feliz
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