Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 92

Posted on 24 June 2018 by Andrés

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No92. This is the place where no-one speaks about politics and about Futbol. Aqui se siente la Cumbia! Check the newest releases, the hottest Remixes…

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1 – Exofilia ExTerrestre – Asagi Saundo
Asagi Saundo is an earthling based in Mexico City, his Cumbia he calls it, ExTerrestre, a sound who was once from the Earth but now has departed into the Universe. Back in the days into the future. Classic CDMX Space Cumbia Sound in a 6 Track Album released on Etoro Records.

2 – Nunca – Elegante & La Imperial
From Lima comes a fine 10 Track Album filled with wicked Chicha and digital Cumbia Vibes.
3 – En el tropico – Thub
En el Tropico is a chilled 10 Track Album from Barcelona based Thub released on Folcore.
4 – A Ver (Señor Chancho Remix) – Scooby Dub & Siete Catorce
The A Ver Ep released on Hawai Bonsai comes with 1 Tune by Berlins Scooby Dub and Remixes by Stas, Tropikore and Señor Chancho.

5 – La Victoria ft. Lido Pimienta & Manu Ranks – Chancha Via Circuito
Chancha via Circuitos new Album Bienaventuranza is now released on Wonderwheel. It comes with 12 spiritual Songs full of folktronic Vibes. Available in Version Digital and Vinyl.
6 – Rumba Chonta (Klik & Frik remix) – Grupo Bahía
2 new Tunes by Klik & Frik released on Shika Shika.

7 – Maracuyá – Thub

8 – La cumbia – Astros de Mendoza
Lots of positiv Energy from CDMX Astros de Mendoza. Here comes a brandnew 10 Track Album Diamantes de la nada.
9 – Piensalo – Elegante & La Imperial
The Album Evulocion is released on Hawai Bonsai Digital and on heavy Vinyl.
10 – Muévelo – Astros de Mendoza
This on features Paris Party Producer, Radioman and Dembow Activist Pedrolito. More Remixes and Mashups from Astros de Mendoza find here.
11 – Alegria – Chancha Via Circuito
12 – Puro comer – Elegante & La Imperial

13 – Soledad (Sonikgroove Edit) – Combo Los Galleros
Barcelona Resident Sonikgroove gives a new Sound to the Soledad.

14 – Que Sera ft. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix) – Deela
The Asi Soy Revisted by Deela highlights his collaborations with Spanish vocalist Maria Garcia Lora by giving them a remix treatment ranging from booty-shaking tropical bass down to the deep basslines of Dub Reggae.
15 – Chant Of A Poor Man Dubby Refix – The Silly Tang
The Leftfield Classic got a lot of Remixes and Refixes, this on got a heavy Dubby Cumbia Style.
16 – Asi Soy ft. Maria Garcia Lora (Remix) – Deela

17 – Algo ft. La Yegros – King Coya
The latest sonic adventure by King Coya, a pioneer of Latin American folklore fused with electronic music, is called Tierra de King Coya – a land where rhythms such as the wayno and instruments from the Andes like the ronroco and tarka, are digitally intertwined with the ritual of dance and celebration. Like a sorcerer from the future, King Coya creates a map of sound exploration navigating the continent through his digital lens. The Album comes with 9 Tracks and is released on ZZK
18 – El Coco No (Xenology Remix) – Roberto Junior & Su Bandeño
Get mad.

19 – Ay Perico – Puta Final Feliz
La Puta final feliz feels Doninicano and Sounds like Mambo. Super Ep released by Cabalito.
20 – Salón de Baile – Puta Final Feliz
Free Download here.

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