Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 91

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No91. Enjoy the newest and the hottest Guiro Scratches. A bailar!

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #91 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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1 – No – Fokus
Fokus got his Roots in dub, dubstep and reggae-influenced drum ‘n’ bass mixing this with Cumbia and other Styles. He got Palms in his Backyard
2 – Cumbia Lenta – Frikstailers
Yolanda would be proud of this Cumbia Lenta by the Frikstailers

3 – Cumbia Massive – Fokus
…and this second one from Fokus comes from the brandnew Crossover EP

4 – El Paso del Tercer Ojo – El Cholo Astral
This is a 2 Track Ep from MTYs Cholo Astral released on Stay Tropical.

5 – La Historia Cuenta (Viento del Sur) – Derrok
Up to the Andes with Derroks 4 Track EP Mar y Cerros Vol1. What a lovely Tune!

6 – Ilaló ft. Mateo Kingman – Chancha Via Circuito
Maestro Chancha comes with a new 12 Track Album Bienaventuranza to be released very soon on Wonderwheel Records with his chilled folkloristic Sound. On his way to the musical Universe he lost the Cumbia but found his very own Sound which will lead you to a spiritual peacefull world somewhere in los Andes.

7 – Vicio Abrumador – Falzo
Falzosound is an 3 Track EP made by the Colombian MC living im CDMX in Cooperation with Tropikore.

8 – Sakudete El Polvo ft Los Master Plus – El Dusty
Was talking bout El Dustys new Album Cumbia City in the last Round Up, now I can play some more Songs from it, as it is released on Universal Music. If you love that Sound when Trap and Cumbia comes together you will love this Album.
9 – Kanto Negro ft Jah Fabio – El Dusty
The Album comes with 14 tracks and an All-Star-Guestlist.
10 – El Boing – Sonido Goony
Folcore Records constantly coming out with cool EPs. Here is a 4 Track EP Back Of The Hoods by DJ Dices Sonido Goony bringing together Chicago Electronic Sound with Cumbia Beatz. If you loved the old Frikstailers, you will love this EP.

11 – Huepaje ft. El Rama – El Hijo de la Cumbia
Back to the Roots. This happens when a Cumbiamaster comes back, with an 8 Track Album defining el Genero Genero.

12 – Paulina – Sonido Goony
One more from the Back of the Hoods EP
13 – En La Mar ft MC Peligro – El Dusty
Cumbia City comes with no fillers, only Killers!
14 – Loquita Loca ft Master Blaster Sound System – El Dusty
15 – La Cosita – Rathero
Worldwide Records releases this Banger by Rathero
16 – Øka Dale – El Hijo de la Cumbia
Find Celso Piña, La Dame Blanche, Mexican Institute of Sound, Alika y Nueva Alianza and El Rama in the Guestlist of the Voyager El Hijo de la Cuuuuumbia!
17 – Quemadita ft Master Blaster Sound System – El Dusty
18 – Chambea (CULO EDIT) – Alan Rosales
Bad Bunny finds his way between 3ballistic Dancehall Beatz. Also a Worldwide Release by CDMX finest Alan Rosales.
19 – Cumbia Arenosa – Erick Jaimez
Here comes your monthly News from Dallas by Erick Jaimez. What a beast!
20 – Consomé Ft. Stefano Iascone – Falzo
One more introducing the Falzosound

21 – Lluvia – Nixtamal
Orishas is an 4 Track EP by Nixtamal filled with relaxed AfroDub. also a Folcore Release