New Albums by Kuenta i Tambu and Poirier.

Posted On By Andrés

Here are coming 2 beautifull Albums with lots of Afro and Soca Vibes.

Starting with Poirier – Be Alright EP

Montreal based producer & don dada Poirier for his first release on the Wonderwheel, the “Be Alright” EP. Moving away from the traditional dancehall, dub and soca sounds he’s become known for, Poirier delivers a 4 track of Afro-House influenced dancefloor firestarters. “Sowia” heads to South East Africa with it’s floating guitar hooks, big bassline, and vocals in Portugese from Canadian-Moçambican singer Samito. “Ginobili” goes into deeper territory with four to the floor drums, heavily chopped percussion, and a hypnotizing distorted Mbira line, while “Camera” continues the tropical vibe with a nod to Semba with it’s driving guitar lines, staccato synth lines and thumping drums. “Antilles Trax” rounds it out as the extended instrumental version of “Sowia”.


Second one comes by Kuenta I Tambu

The album’s title, Rais, means ‘roots’ in Papiamentu. Kuenta i Tambú founder Roël explains “the use of the word Rais relates to our wish with this album to get to the roots of the traditional music of Curaçao, we recorded half the album there, with many guest drummers, singers and a children’s choir. A lot of the tracks feature live takes rather than overly processed loops to keep a spontaneous, rootsy atmosphere and musical authenticity to the album. Find lots of wicked Sounds. This is how Soca would Sound if it comes out of his Carnival Mood.

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