El Malo Malone – Calovera Video Premiere + Remix Contest

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El Dusty, the producer nominated for 2016 Latin Grammys, selected El Malo Malone from a global network of artists in Electronic Cumbia, Spanish Trap and Latin Rap for his unique style and great authenticity. They got together to produce a song called “Calovera”. Achieving a low-frequency sound, even the best from the industry of Latin rap and Trap will get the creeps listening to this song.
From this masterpiece, this is the music video debut of El Malo Malone a.k.a ELMALO. It was filmed in the Dominican Republic with Kakaramusa Productions, and the scenes filmed in Sweden was produced by Verosimil Media, directed and edited by Mr.Bricks.

All of this happened due to the success of the song “Droga” co-created by Bigote and El Malo Malone. That Cumbia Rap- song surprisingly served as an antidote, who spread rapidly through the wires of the cyber world, dwindling the poison of the typical monotony music. This “sound serum” continues to climb the SoundCloud chart steadily now, just as the other ten songs that make his first album: “WHO IS ELMALO?” An album that you can download for free on El Malo Malones website or SoundCloud page. Earlier in the year, his first album had been downloaded over fifty thousand times.

The artist announced a second album, with ten new songs, will be published in form of singles and music videos , and will be available on all digital stores, from early 2018.

Remix contest of the song “Calovera” by Malo Malone & El Dusty

If you want to be signed and promoted by Verosimil Music Group Sweden, Distributed by La Cupula Music Spain and be heard by producers like El Dusty (a pioneer as a producer of cumbia bass and nominated for The Latin Grammys) you should join us in this music experience.

Just follow these 3 steps:
1 You need to know that the file you will download is copyrighted and that you can not publish it on your own.
2 Go to www.elmalomalone.com Click on the link “Calovera Acapellas” and download the file with the acapellas.
3 Send the remix to verosimilmusic@gmail.com, putting your name and the keyword: CaloRemix as the subject of the email (to avoid spamming)

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