Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 72

cruno72lHere comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No72 and I’m gona start this one with a big OH COLOMBIA. My Timeline is/was full with Colombianxs who cant understand what is going on there. There are lots of money and big Players in the game and the Landreform will not only produce winners. But if they not voted for Peace, for what did they vote? And yes, Premium Nobel for Santos. Respect! But seems like there is still a long way to go.
But back to the music, back to Cumbia in all variations. This month I got 24 Tunes in 1 Hour for you to take away.
[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #72 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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remo1 – Guerreros del Amor – El Remolon
From BsAs comes el Veteran Cumbero El Remolon with his first solo Album Album. The Album has 8 Tracks between Acid sounds, House reminiscent bases, Trap, deep Voices, Autotune and Synthesizers that could either come from a minimal track or a Cumbia Villera. Within this open route, there is one outstanding element, contrasting with El Remolon’s previous works, and that is a clear political message, focused on personal emotions, always toward one center: love.
2 – Gian-Carla Tisera – Señora chichera (Pablo Pachacutik Remix)
From Cochabamba, Bolivia comes Pablo Pachacutik with an 3 Track EP released on Kumbale
Villa Diamante3 – Salchipapa – Los Pat Moritas
This is a Party + a Social Club and this is a Compilation with 9 Songs from BsAs staring Mateo Kingman, Villa Diamante and many more.
4 – Mescalito – Tomanka
Tomanka from Paris and Don Kucho from Peru with a Shamanic Chant
5 – La Cumbia Triste – Fanfare Concha Mama
This time we got a Brass Section and this starts here with the Demotape of Fanfare Concha Mama from France.
6 – Nuclear Summer (Borchi y Su Doble Redoble Remix) – Youngblood Brass Band
Funky Beatz, a hot Brass Section, Mexico City Vibes and a lot of groove you will find on this 3 Track EP mashing up the genres. Get it on Bandcamp
7 – Rosa y Mayo (Rebel Up! Duckfood Remix) – Andres Landero
From Bruxelles comes the busy Rebel Up Crew with this great Mashup.
8 – Negativo 15 – RCA (Real Cumbia Activa)
RCA from DF is Fake Moustache and Albert DJ in Combination.
9 – Rumbo Al Paraiso (RCA EDIT) – Alberto Pedraza
This one with Acordeón and lots of sabor.
luke10 – Sonido Serpiente – Lucas Lead
From BsAs comes this cool 5 Track Ep by Lucas Lead released on Sub Klub
11 – Fakin Niga – El Barba
From Tuculandia al Bailunga with Moustache!
12 – Cumbia Sabrosita – Che Cumbe
More BsAs Vibes. The Town really sounding hot this month.
13 – Bailazo – Bang Data
This comes from the 2014 10 Track Album Mucho Poco combining lots of styles. Bay Aera Vibes.
14 – Dom Perigcoapa – Dinocore
Wicked two Track Ep somewere between Twerk and Dembow released on the Cassette Exclusivos.
15 – Rasta (Andrés Digital Remix) – Jah Cure
This one was mad for a Remixcontest. Original Tune is a cheesey Roots Reggae Tune. I wanted to get the Pop out and the Cumbia in. Positive Vibrations!
16 – Cumbia Locura – Taggy Matcher & Kumbia Boruka
For this new single the French Reggae producer Taggy Matcher has teamed up with the uprising Cumbia combo Kumbia Boruka for a scorching track inspired by Dillinger’s legendary Reggae single Cocaine in My Brain. Insane!
kuto17 – Ukamau y Ke Presente – Kuto Quilla
This comes from Kuto Quillas new Ep “Taki Onccoy”. This was the name of Incas Cultural and Religous Revolution in the XVI Century. El Peruano mixes this Vibe with his Roots, Reggae, Electronix and lots of Conscious Communications. This is released on Regional. Take it away.
18 – Amazónica – Shushupe
Great 4 Track Ep from Lima by Ursula Talavera playing with the Sounds of the Jungle combining this with cool minimal Cumbia Beatz with lots of Tropical Vibes,
19 – Chelita Wannabe – Kev & Jeff Los ACME
Another Tune from Lima. And the boys know what they really want: Make you move!
20 – Shout It Out (Andrés Digital Remix) – Balkan Beat Box
Here is another one done for a Remix Contest bringing the Balkan Beatz over to Colombia.
boombah21 – Turn It Up (Max le Daron Remix)
Here comes a brandnew Boombachero Compilation released by Peligrosa. Dead Stare is a duo comprised of Gekkei (Hungarian) and Dj Broken Record (Santa Rosa via Mexico). The two have been collaborating for quite some time.
22 – Merecumbe (Andrés Digital Remix) – Checkpoint Guanabana
This is one of my give-aways to celebrate “half a million plays” on the Andrés Digital Soundcloud. Find one more Tropical Banger in the playlist. Limited free Download!
23 – Cielo (Alan Rosales Remix) – Sotomayor
This is 6 Track Remix Ep mashing up some Songs from the cool Sotomayor Album released on tropic-all. Check the Allstar Remixer Crew.
24 – Annie You Save Me (A-Mac Edit)
Dead Stare dives into the world of Boombahchero on this release, a made up genre where simple 4 on the floor Moombahton beats are turned into syncopated 3/4 bass tunes that invoke a marching rhythm, similar to that of 3ball or Guarachero.