New compilation: Basy Tropikalne #1 (Latin America)

After fifty shows of the radioshow Basy Tropikalne, a Wrocław, Poland based radio weekly presenting electronic music scene artists from tropical regions of the world, mostly focusing on Latin America and Africa, the host Mikołaj Kierski decided to compile a nice album with some not so well-known tracks for our discovering pleasure.

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This project is a completely non-commercial thing and the music can be downloaded in the ‘name your price’ manner which is a more than fair price as the majority of the tracks have never been published or have never been available for free elsewhere.

The compilation consists of 12 songs, out of which 11 are connected to the sounds from the Latin America countries. The last track is a bonus one as it is the only composition relating to Africa. The album brings a mixture of traditional latino rhythms and vocals with modern electronic beats. In ‘Basy Tropikalne #1’ you have a chance to listen to finest South American artists like – Carla Valenti, Derrok, El Traste, Jin Yerei, Lagartijeando, Nacho Libre, SidiRum, San Ignacio, Lascivio Bohemia, Radiola Serra Alta. There are also two remixes that were produced by European artists – Cymande’s ‘Getting It Back’ is edited by Poland’s tropical master DJ Ryan R and ‘Loulia’ gets a remake from two Swiss Spiegelkiste crew members.

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