Rebecca Rocklynn & El $abor- Red Nose Escobar

Rebecca Rocklynn & EL $ABOR team up to bring you Red Nosed Escobar. A Tropical bass track that conjoined North and South American artists to create an upbeat rhythm about global rave culture. It’s unique style will have you moving.

Canadian Female MC’s globe trotter lifestyle repping lyrics about sharing Jack U’s backstage and travels through USA and Europe is blended with fat slices of low end 808 tuned kicks seasoned with rasterinha-dembow hybrid snare patterns topped with cumbia shakers flavored with extra sabroso cowbell flow overheads and a lo fi arpeggio melody that will make you feel dizzy at first taste. This team is ready to set on fire the dancefloor worldwide.

Venezuelan young producer WOST gives a trap twist to the tune in his remix that mutates into a hybrid dembow.

This track have been Mixed by Maddox Chhim and Mastered by Darkart Mastering. Guys behind some of Diplo & Major Lazer stuff.