Chilá Kilé – Ghetto Kumbe

kumbeThe sound of Ghetto Kumbé is a mixture of Caribbean House and futuristic beats. Rhythms that come and go like a ritual, lyrics that are immersed in the unconscious mind to make the body move and bang to the rhythm of percussion.
‘Chila Kilé’ is the first single they release, where they managed to create a mysterious ritual, leading echoes of African and Caribbean, sounds and from anywhere in the world that has a mystical aura.

Here comes the Crossover from Bogota to Africa, from the Andes to the Ghetto, from the groove to the beat, from the electronics to the percussion. Ghetto Kumbe is Chongo aka. Juan Carlos Puello (Tambor Alegre, Djembe, Voz), DocTor Keyta aka. Andrés Mercado (Doom Doom), Guajiro aka. Edgardo Garcés (Beats, Voz). Check the Album