Gazelle X DJ Invizable ft. Mo Laudi – Speak Up EP

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speak up ep

“Speak Up” is a new, three-track strong EP by the two south-african limpop inventors Gazelle and Dj Invizable, released on Paris based rapper, dj and producer Mo Laudi’s label Globalisto. Mo Laudi, who’s well known for his plenty collabroations with The Very Best for example, brought them back together for another release and even joins them on the vocals! Great release, you need to check it out.

Check out the great official video for the name giving single “Speak Up”, shot by Chris Saunder who was featured in the NYtimes recently for his series on Pantsula dancing culture, here and stream the full EP below:

Stream the EP here:

Btw. Mo Laudi is playing at Bomayé! in ACUD Club (Berlin) on Friday June 17th alongside Florian Sievers. Check out the event here and watch out for an exclusive interview here on, soon!

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