Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 68

cruno68Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No68 with 20 fine Cumbia related Tunes in 45 minutes. 1 Thing: Even when I really like the Cumbia Version of the Imperial March, Cumbia is not The Imperium, Cumbia is the Rebellion.
2 Thing: There is huge difference between Global Bass and Tropical Bass. We’re not Global, we select Tropical and Caribbean Styles and we are open for good Vibes and new Music. We’re not interested in Worldmusic or EDM, but our Bass speaks louder and we connect people. Tropicalistas Unidos!

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1 – Mondongo – Neki
Starting this Round Up in Belgrad, Serbia with the man Neki Stranac wellknown for his Moombah Edits.
2 – Los Trabajos de Miguel – Chino Landero ft. Negro Style
Over to Buenos Aires rebajado slowing down the Andrés Landero classic.
Cumbia Libertad3 – Drug (Copia Doble’s Cumbia Remix) – Lucy Love
Cumbia Libertad is a fine 21 Track Compilation by the new Label Hawai Bonsai from Lausanne Switzerland. You will find some exclusive Tunes by Artists like Tribilin Sound, Rafael Aragon, Nixtamal, Atropolis and lots more. This cool one comes from Copenhagens Copia Doble Systema. Long time no heard a new Tune from over there.
4 – Bum Bum (Yelram Selectah Cumbia QuickFix) – Die Antwoord
South Afrikas Die Antwoord comes out with a new mixtape and for the first time there is a Song in Spanish on it. Sure this deserved a Cumbia Remix. And this one comes wicked from Tijuana Mexico. FOK!
Malo5 – Caribe (DJ Karim & Punto Rojo Remix) – ELMALO & Alto Peru
Malo Malone aka. ELMALO is based in Stockholm and has a brandnew 10 Track Album out where he combines all the different modern Cumbia Styles with his cool Lyrics. He collected Beatz by an Producer All Star List including Bigote, Blass, Happy Colors, El Dusty and some more. This one is original produced by Alto Peru de BsAs based on a Kraftwerk melody and got his remix by DJ Karim. International!
turbokillacumbiacover6 – Chicle – Turbo Sonidero
Via Terror Negro Records comes the Album by San Jose, California Resident Turbo Sonidero. He is specialized on the Cumbia Rebajada and this means that this 8 Track Album will bring you in a vibrant and deep mood. Slow it down my Selectah!
7 – La Fiebre! – Hnry
So the connection is strong between SJ and Monterrey and Hnry comes with one of his loveley melodies.
8 – Cartagena De Indias – Turbo Sonidero
Slowing down La Reina de la Bullerenge Petrona Martinez. Cool Work!
EMV-SanLunesEP9 – Aqhata Tomani – EMV
The San Lunes EP is a mystical voyage from Bolivia to Argentina. Marimbas, Cuatros, Guiros, Synthesizers, Surf Guitars and a magic groove.
10 – Ocho – Animal Chuki
From Lima, Peru comes Animal Chuki and you’ll find this on the Cumbia Libertad Compilation. The Album is available in Vinyl and Digital.
11 – Alex Heduvan vs Los Reyes de la Milanga – Villa Diamante
From Neuquen to Cordoba to BsAs. An Argentina All Star Crew in the House and the boys going wild. Alex has a cool Flow in the Rap.
12 – Moviembre (Sumohair Remix) – G-Flux
So in the moment is no time to wear a beard. Like Boogat said, grow it in November. And so the G-Flux Riddim is free to get another edit by our fav Cholo Sumo Hair. Eastcoast-Westcoast-ting. Find Shabba and Sublime in this cool mix.
13 – El Borracho – EMV
Next one from the fantastic El Milagro Verde
14 – Perreo Loop Colombiaton – DJ Eze Stylee ft Seba TC
OK, forget everything, going deep into the Tra. Metele!
15 – Rastaman-dita (Mashup Mexico Cumbia Edit) – Molotov
me gusta chichi, me gusta chacha. Mash Up Mexico in a Punky Cumbia Remix Mode, giving DFs Molotov a new Sound.
CuerpoCaliente-cover16 – La Mona 2.0 – Sr H El Habano Dj Bekman
More DF Time, all the monkeys hands up and a perrear!
17 – Cuerpo Caliente II – Doma Tornados
Guillermo Piacenza is an Argentine, Barcelona based, artist who produces and performs live as Doma Tornados. He did a lot of cool Eps and here comes his newest one called Cuerpo Caliente which comes very minimal and percussive.
santiTugce18 – Doña Antonia – Santi & Tugçe
The EP “El Regreso del Gallito” (The Return of the Rooster) takes its inspiration from the sounds and landscapes of Paraguay, and takes you on a tantalizing journey into this “island surrounded by red coasts, in the heart of South America”. Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) & Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) first met in the U.S. in 2007 and have been recording 3 Albums since. The 5 Track EP is released via Frente Bolivarista.
19 – Suerte – D’Maduro & El Malo
Taking a step away from his background in the drum and bass and
hip-hop scene, ELMALO now releases WHO IS ELMALO? The Album comes with a nice Lyricsbook and some Acapellas to make your own remix.
caribombo20 – Guateque – Caribombo
Carlos Guillén, Percussion, Dj and Producer comes from Maracaibo, Venezuela and we was talking here earlier bout this 6 Track EP wich is called “Origen”. Trailer load of good Vibes in here. Get the Album via Optikal Dubs. Digital Cumbia, Afro House, Tropical Bass and Afro-Latin Roots are some of the elements that best describe Caribombo’s style when he’s making people dance.