Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 62

cumbia 62Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No62. This month I selected 27 Tunes in a one Hour mix for your pleasure. Everybody have a cool Christmas and a good start into the new year. Love, Peace and Cumbia!

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1 – Cumbianani – Unknown
Starting the Round Up with one of this Tunes where I dont know the Artist or even where I found it.
2 – Jose – Rafael Aragon
Our homies from the Cassette Blog are celebrating their 5th Birthday with lots of Compilation. So you will find a whole bunch of Tunes in this mix. Starting with Rafael Aragon from Paris with Love. Rafael also has a cool new Footwerk Ep out wich you can find here.
coyote3 – Riot Woman – Coyote
Via Funk n Caixa comes this Ep produced by DJ Chernobyl bringing together Brazilian Vibes, Gurachero Beats and Punky Vocals by Edu K.
4 – Cumbia Explosiva – Sistema Beat Andino
5 – Ven – Sonido Mamalón ft Ohmeg4 & Biukte
From Chihuahua, Mexico comes the Project Sonido Mamalon with the 6 Track Album “Nijé Cahuíhuarachi” (Mi Tierra) released via REGIONAL
6 – Te Ves Bien Buena – Ritmo Bestial!
Ritmo Bestial from Puebla, Mx with a new Version of El Generals Classic Tune
va-sonora_multinacional-(curada_x_loko_bono)7 – Tu Tatu – Che Cumbe
8 – Cumbia Satanica – Bigote ft El Malo
Caballito Mastermind Bigote also seems hyperactive in the moment throwing out remix after remix.
9 – Good Boy – HNRY
All the Songs in this Round Up without a comment you will find on the Cassette Compilations.
10 – Duende – Dj Roots ft Clipse
11 – Cumbia sorpresa – Big Mama Laboratorio
12 – Porro Bonito – Curt Powell
Curt Powell comes from Braunschweig Germany and has a cool sound between Moomba, Twerk, Cumbia and oriental Stuff
va-i_want_your_riddim-(curado_x_the_ghost)_web 0113 – Suerte (Original Mix) – D’Maduro
This one is not new, 2 Years old but just found it and as its a banger I had to include this.
14 – MiMiMi – Moombalorange
This comes from a Collective named MOOMBALCUINA and here are ending my informations.
misterio15 – Mini Conga – El Buga
16 – Azul – Nixtamal
17 – Zulqui – Esteban Peon
18 – El Campo De Termina – El Hijo del Misterio
Via KUMBALE comes the Ocarina Tropical EP
19 – Lagartijeando – Marimbazo
Cardos Rodando aka Lagartijeando ends up being a cocktail of Andean modern Brazilian rhythms and textures groove. A new piece to assemble their own imaginary sound map of Latin America. This is released via Frente Bolivarista
neki20 – Lullby (Mashup Mexico Cumbia Edit ) – The Cure
Here comes a cool remix of The Cure by the Mashup Mexico Collective
21 – El silbon – Del Morro
22 – Volver al futuro, ahora! – Chelo Scotti
23 – Morcilla (Original Mix) – Neki
Neki has made a name into moombahton originals, remixes and edits. With hundreds of productions, he has widely contributed to spread global beats worldwide, never forgetting to remain rooted into folk music. This is released via the french Label VLAD.
24 – Bacanal – Rafi El
The Dutty Artz Crew coming with the new 2 Track release of LA based Singer/Songwriter Rafi El.
SHNG00625 – En Orbita – Superpendejos
The En Orbita EP by our good friends Superpendejos is simply an intergalactic journey to the Latin-Folk and Nu-Cumbia hyperspace, full of emotion, passion and good vibes! This is released via the new Label Shango!
26 – Jumpman (Uproot Andy Dembow Remix) – Drake Future
So we are not starting a discussion about copyrights and Soundcloud on this Track. Remember the Rightsholder is the Rightsholder – Pa’ joderte! Catch the cleaned version here
27 – Dale Guaracha – Dj Asir
Ending the Roundup with some Tribal from Monterrey, Mx.

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