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sonidero TropicalMaybe you noticed that an Andrés Digital Album normaly don’t come alone. After releasing his highly recommended Album “Julito Balacera meets Andrés Digital” just a few days ago, here comes a second Album full of cool Mash Ups. So this is Album Number 10 for the Cumbia International and as expected this is a wild mix of styles on base of the sizzling Cumbia Percussion con lots of Bass. In the first Song Trinidads Calypso Icon Lord Invader is getting mashuped on a cumbianized Clappas Riddim working for the Yankee Dollar. On the Second one comes a rework of a Song from the Debut Album of Ease Up Ltd which is a cool Reggae Band out of Andrés Homebase Darmstadt, Germany. This is getting a Vibe somewhere between House and Dub. Then comes a Remix of Toto la Momposinas reworked classico La Curura with lots of Gaita. Next one is a original production for the Jahtari Dubbers Series by Monkey Marc from Australia ready to use for your next protest march. Then we go all the way down to Cordoba, Andalucia to bring in a traditional Flamenco Song interpreted by El Pele and Vicente Amigo adding lots of Bass before we go back to Trinidad and the Carnivals with Swappi and Jus Nows Bare Wine.

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