Javier Estrada- Fenix

Posted On By Caballo

Fenix EP
After storming the world with his unique style, getting features in every single bass blog, Mexican producer Javier Estrada decided to take a release hiatus, and focus his energy in building a presence in Mexican club scene.

Time passed by and now Javier returns with a great 13 track album called Fenix, in where we will find a mature sound, still very explosive, and a reminder on why Javier is one of the best producers in the Latin diaspora.

This album has features, collaborations and remixes from a wide variety of artists like A Tribe Called Red, Boogat, Evdi sound, Juan Maga, Caballo & many more.
Download this 13 album track (LINK)

The opening track shows us a mature Estrada approaching Bass in the same way you’d expect from Crookers, The Crystal Method or even more EDM brand names.

Still he manages to keep it raw and attached to his origins, like the track with Evdi sound

Or this pow-wow/Cuban Bass + Jungle Terror track with Caballo