Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 55

Early Summer Sun heating up Germany and makes living easy. Chilling in the Sun, hanging around in coffeeshops, making clouds and listening to a never ending Guiro and a constant offbeat. Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No55, now the only and oldest constantly running Cumbia Listening Club on the whole Internet. Check the music, again we have the hottest and newest Cumbia related Tracks for you and you will find more free downloads in the Text.
cumbia 55
Catch me if you can – meet and greet – 22.05. Barcelona (España/Catalunya) Gozalow with Doma Tornados and Sonikgroove @ Barts Club

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lasciviobohemia1 – La Cumbia De Los Viajeros – Lascivio Bohemia
Starting this Round Up with a boy from Ecuador, first time in the Round Up last month, this time he comes with a full lenght Album. And this is really a cool Album. It is released via Regional and you could load it here.
2 – Silbando (Tribilin Sound Treatment) – Los Ribereños
Hyperactive Tribilin Sound from Peru comes with a new Remix of Peruvians Chicha-Classicos Los Ribereños.
cabeza-066-remolon3 – El Preferido (Sonikgroove Mix) – El Remolón
Here comes a 6 Track Remix Album via Cabeza. The original Production “El preferido” of El Remolon, located in Buenas Aires, gettin remixed by Barcelombias Sonikgroove, Superpendejos, Quechuaboy and many more.
It’s a freeload.
4 – The End (Turbo Mex) – Turbo Sonidero Futuristico
San Josés Turbo Sonidero with an older Tune from his EP “Tumbias Electronicas”. Sounds still fresh.
barba5 – Pomelo mandando fruta – El Barba Dub
El Barba Dub comes from Argentina and now is located in Mexico. Here he comes with an 7 Track EP released via El Hijo de la Cumbias Wakan Tanka Records. Listen the full Album here.
6 – Hacia El Río (DLMJ Remix) – Andrés Digital ft. Masilva
DLMJ from Oakland gives a new Sound to the Tune Hacia el Rio using lost Trumpet Files.
pakongal7 – Guayaba – Pa Kongal
Francisco Cerezo aka Pa Kongal from Cuernavaca, Mexico made an EP basicly dedicated a Zouk Bass with many influences and fits perfect into a Cumbia Mix. This is released via Cassette Blog.
8 – Dice la Gente – Erick Jaimez
How I love this Tune by the hyperactive Traplord from Dallas/Texas. This comes from the EP 7. Listen the full Album here.
9 – La Frekuencia (Cero39 Remix) – Paco Mendoza
This was released via Berlins La Chusma Records last year and is a real cool Remix in typical Cero39 Sound from Bogota/Colombia to Paco Mendoza Berlin/Germany. Check the 3 Track Ep here.
toros10 – Dope walk (Heavy Edit) – Toros
Okokok here comes the EP of the month. Tropical Bass in perfection via El Dustys Americano Label. Check the 3-Track EP here.
11 – El Choclo (Cinco De Mayo Flip) – Fresco & Erick Jaimez
Think about Cinco de Mayo what you want, but this remix is really cool bringing together Mariachis, Cumbia and Trap.
12 – Kaleidoscopio – Coconutah & KayGee
2 Originals and 2 Remixes by Tribilin Sound and Señor Chancho you will find on this EP released via Regional. Listen the full EP here.
uprootandy13 – Manolo (Uproot Andy Remix) – Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto
Papa Andy comes out with a new 3 Track EP via Que Bajo, legendary Party in NY entering higher Levels. Must have EP and Fav of the month Number 2. Check the Barrioteca EP here, it’s a freeload.
14 – King Stitt Meet Tha Bomba – Lascivio Bohemia
Second Tune from the new Album “Le Rumbe Saborella” de Lascivio Bohmeia mixing up King Stitts early Dancehall Vocals with digital Cumbia and fat Basses. Perfecto!
15 – Gyal She A Gimme (Jamaican Mexican Refix) Sumo Hair
Cut hair or cut Music, Sumo Hair fixes everything. Join his cutting Session in LA if you can!
16 – Cumbia Cuantica – Doma Tornados
Guillermo Piacenza is an Argentine, Barcelona based, artist who produce and performs as Doma Tornados. Explorations on Southamerican rhythms blended with fat basslines, live percussion, delicate sharp guitars and smoked tech-dub trickery. Get this 2 Track EP which is released via Folcore here.
17 – Cumbia Del Rio – Sauvage FM & Szam Varadino
“Cumbia del Rio” is a mix of Latin guitars and Eletro-House rhythms with powerful brass for the chorus. Szam Varadino might not be very happy that Sauvage FM has turned his Cumbia ballad into an Electro/House/Cumbia track. Whatever, he always bounces on it. This will be part of the Salicorne EP soon on Vlad Rec.
18 – Por Qué – Danochilango & Mambe
And finally 3ball from Copenhague, Dinamarca and second release de Wakan Tanka Records in this Round Up. Find the Promovideo here and the Full Album here. Mambe is Colombiana and lived for a long time in Sueca and played nearly all Festivals in Dinamarca with different Bands.