Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 52

This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No52 and this is the first Round for 2015. I hope everybody come in cool and I wish a brilliant new year full of Love, Joy, Peace, Bass and Cumbia. Run di Riddim my Selectah !
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nixtamal-perezoso1. Maria Theresa – Nixtamal
Cumbia Veteran Nixtamal aka. Yann Ryo comes out with a brandnew 4 Track Ep released via Folcore.
2. La Lotería En Babelonia (DJ Click & DJ Galletas Calientes Remix) – Mames Babegenush
Starting this Round up on the Balkan Side of Cumbia, wich is a very powerfull Combination. So here comes another French-Colombian Crossover with lots of Melody and Rhythm. Also check out this site of Colega Gallietas Calientes, lots of interesting Stuff.
3. Dj Goes Home Mashup – Tropikana Sound Crew vs Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy
So this Round Up is very exotic bringing in Musicans from all around the Planet, we’re staying Balkanesk with the Ukraine Boys aroud Mama Diaspora, Der Bastler and Yuriy Gurzhy cumbianized by the Venezolanos of the Tropikana Sound Crew.
4. Power [NICE☆J Moombahton Edición] – Rojo Regalo
From the Far East comes NICE☆J – the Japon Cumbieros from Oasaka are in the House with a powerfull Tune. Cumbia Worldwide !!
va-tormenta_de_sudor-cassette_blog_4to_aniversario5. H.O.A. CST- The 13th Tribe
Our good friends from the Mexican based Cassette Blog celebrating their 4th Birtday and this is allways a reason for the guys to bring out a bunch of cool Compilations.
6. DoomDub – VSLKTR & EleyEme
Got no idea from wich Compilation this last two Tunes are, but you’ll find all the beautifull Compis here.
7. Candela (Don Juan Pachanga Remix) – Buena Vista Social Club
Bringing in the Cubans again and I hope that Obama and Raúl will follow the “Conversation” !!
8. huh ? – A-Gon
Meanwhile Eric Rincon comes out with his Future Tribal EP here comes the real Future of the 3ballistic Vibe.
9. Motin – Tri
Sure 3ball has his Roots deep down in Mexico and especially in MTY but Motin comes from Dresden, Alemania and he really did a great job on this one.
BURAKA210. Sente (Copia Doble Systema Remix) – Buraka Som Sistema
The Burakas coming out with a 6 Track Remix EP for free Download.
11. Pineal – Dengue Dengue Dengue!
Rafael Pereira and Felipe Salmon have added a different twist to Tropical Bass and New Cumbia and here comes a new tune by our heroes released via the Red Bull Music Academy.
12. Que Passa Amigo (Dj Giovanni Rios Tribal Evolution RMX) – Tropkillaz
Mr. Rios comes from Oaxaca, MX and normally is 3ballero but on this Remix, he made for the Brazilian Tropikillaz, he is more on the Tropical side.
13. Mangosteen (Dub Mix) – Del Morro
And some more from the Cassette Compilations !!
14. La Remolacha – Kiko Villamizar
The Austin, TX based Crew around DJ Orión announces the Lunch of a new Label with the Name Discos Peligrosa. Sure there will come more cool Stuff. Here is a first Tastemaker by Kiko Villamizar with a nice Tune between Rumba and Cumbia.
15. Yolanda (El Búho Remix) – Emir Buscon
Ending this Round up with an owl-ish edit of Emir Boscáns Yolanda rebajado.

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