RSVB- Batelo feat Boomer

Posted On By Caballo


A huge banger coming from RSVB via Nacional records is here to make the dancefloor go crazy.

(Dj Raff & Latin Bitman) are doing a new project focused on dancefloor appeal, and the whole thing can be found in the usual spots, itunes, amazon etc etc.. but obviously, we will not just blog something without any way of proving how totally worth is to get the whole album, Nightlife.

Batelo is simply one of those mature tracks that crosses the border of hype, and become a timeless banger, that (specially if you are a dj) will blend to ANY set.

Also inside the EP and to give title to the EP, RSVB are featuring the always present bass head, Loki Da Trixta, who lately has been killing it with his collaborations.
So this track is also a great way to go full circle.