Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 42

Bienvenidos, this is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up. I’m late, this was planned for last week, but as I was out to visit the belgish Cumbia + Global Bass Familia, wich was really cool, so I had to postpone this. So Blogger shut Up and Selectah run the mix !!
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Ensalada Subtropical1 – Definition – Artist Unknown
Starting with an Unknown Artist with a real Banger.[Update] After a while of search we found DJ Caution from Madrid (Member of Ovni Guaraje) who made this remix.
2 – Friki Friki – Zurita
Zurita is well-known for his cool music and the only info he gives away is, that he comes from South San Telmo, Argentina. This Tune comes from a cool Sampler wich is called Ensalada Subtropical Vol. 1. You could load the whole sampler for free here
3 – Senderito De Amor (Albert Dj Style) – Lisandro Meza
Alberto Alquicira aka Albert DJ comes from DF and always takes care of the classic Cumbia Vibe.
4 – Partido (Tulio SP) – Jaime Roots
From Montevideo, Uruguay comes Jaime Roots, also part of the Compi “Ensalada Subtropical Vol. 1”
Astros5 – Canchero – Los Astros de Mendoza feat. Dr. Shenka
The Astros are a project from DF mixing up Mash ups electrocumbieros and live played music influenced by Cumbia Villera and Ritmos Latinos, with a touch of Hiphop, Rock and some old school scratches.
6 – La Cumbia de Los Chili Peppers [Remix] – DJ Foni
DJ Foni comes from DF and I really look forward to hear some more remixes by him. Banger !
7 – Cumbia Caribe (Cholofoniks Refix) – Pacho Galan
The Cholofoniks, original from Lima and located in Madrid, are a project where Chicha, Cumbia, Techno, Dub with deep bass and a lot of passion for tropical music and electronic beats combined, resulting in a psychedelic fusion always focused to break hips on the dancefloor.
Oscilador8 – odisea 5000 – Oscilador Bass
This Sound-journey is directed by a robot coming from Planet Cumbia and is temporary located in Aguascalientes Mexico. Watch out for the Latin Bass Mexico Samplers. Vol 3. It is in the making.
9 – Dale Otra Vez (Esmink Remix) – EL Hijo de la Cumbia
Patricio Smink from Buenos Aires, the Percussion Man from Pimenton has another cool Remix out.
10 – Cumbia de Arpa – Sonora Rumbatron Edit
Seems like this is getting a DF Round Up. El Sonido Rumbatron just released a new EP together with Sonido Mamalon. Welcome el Sonido Mamatron.
peco11 – Quieren Fiesta – Pecokumbiastyle
In Caseros, Argentina they always love a lil fiesta.
12 – Cumbia Revolution – Los Cumbiadelics
From Oakland to Quito – Los Cumbiadelics are rebel music with explosive lyrics and driving rhythms to help mobilize movements for political change and social justice at home, and around…
13 – Omega (La Tirana Caravana Rmx) – Caramelo
From Santiago de Chile a Freiburg, Germany. La Caravana is always good for a Bass Banger and here it comes strong.
14 – Duvidó – Quantic feat. Pongo Love
Entering the Tribal Section with Quantic aka. Will Holland, who is musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Worcestershire. He is based in Colombia and sure there is no need to introduce him here, because he is involved in so many big projects that you must heard of him. He’s working on a new Album “Magnetica” which will be released in March. And if there will be more bangers like this on it, I’m sure that this will be Album of the year.
mr toe15 – Vuelo Sideral – Mr. Toé
KONN is really running mad with releasing cool EP after cool EP. This one is in my Bag for some days now and out of unknown reasons it dont entered the Round Up till today. So here comes Mr Toé 2 times !!
16 – Carimbo (Alan Rosales Remix) Schlachthofbronx
Alan Rosales from DF is one of my favorit Tribaleros and he’s giving a new Sound to Munichs most hyped Bassbangers Schlachthofbronx.
17 – Pakal el Viajero – Mr Toé
18 – Cumbia Compadre – Santos
Here comes a new Album from Tijuanas Santos via Tropic-all bringing this typical Tijuana Sound well-known as Ruidosón
intiche19 – Zoukumbia – Villa Victoria Sound System
No Infos here, but a first EP via El Flying Monkey and sure you know that Cumbia and Zoukbass works very well together.
20 – Kota – Intiche
From Buenos Aires to Berlin, from Folcore to KONN. Find the very deep and spiritual EP on Folcore and the Mixtape under KONN
21 – Ruff Likkle Cumbia (TJF Sound-Mykol Orthodox) Brother Culture
And for close this round up we play a real Reggae-Cumbia Dubplate by Brother Culture in sweet togetherness with Tijuanas hottest Mykol Orthodox.

I hope you enjoyed what you heard and found all goodies. Next live Dates will be announced soon (MX again !!). By the way sure you loaded my new EP “La Revancha de Andrés Digital”.
Everybody stay blessed y que viva la Cumbia !!

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  1. lol I have to read other roundups to find out the “Artists unknown” so please welcome DJ Caution who made the First Cumbia in the mix “Definiton”

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