Tempo NYC


When you think of Moombahton and Global Bass, does NYC come to mind? Its alright if it doesn’t, even with some of the genres most well known producers calling NYC home, the outlet for such genres are non-existent.

In comes TEMPO NYC, a collective of Producers and Artist shifting those sounds worldwide, who are now set to make their mark right at home. A place where the biggest city in the world can now listen to the music, feel the rhythm, and touch the Tempo.”

check a preview of what you will get from these guys!

If you do not like the music, and you are in NYC, well just go to check the guys, cuz they are incredible handsome!!

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  1. So Uproot Andy, Geko Jones, Zuzuka Ponderosa, DJ Comrade, Que Bajo, Xão and Dutty Artz didn’t put NYC on the map for you yet?

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