Zlow, Zick & Zexy

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Zlow Zexy Zick

New zoukbass, tarraxo inspired EP from NYC Banginclude & Caballo.
4 Slow, Sick and Sexy tracks to download for FREE


After a great week of zoukbas releases on generationbass, we decided not to drop this one right away, so people did not feel we wanted to jump or cast a shadow, and we actually let GB people know and they were someway understanding with that.

Based on Banginclude own inspiration
Swerve there’s tarraxo rhythms all over the place….

same with tippin- wanted to do tarraxo rhythms w ‘trap’ sounds…still lots of trarraxo rhythms in there though- called it ‘dirty zouk’ as the genre so It doesn’t offend the purists- but it is def a blend of trap and zouk bass

Caballo’s tunes are Unga Murunga, a heavy bass collab with Banginclude in where we drop some darker tarraxo, and the molly grit attitude.

Last of the bunch is David Guetta from Ckrono, Slesh X Milangeles in a caballo zouk bass edit


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