TropicalBass: Reggae & Dancehall Roundup No 4

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dancehall roundup 4

This time our Reggae and Dancehall roundup is much more globally influenced than before! This time, we have tunes by artists from italy, hungary, germany, UK and japan, next to those coming from the caribbean, of course. But no long talk, just enjoy the music…

110% original Moombashment from Italy by Ackeejuice Rockers and their local dancehall vocalist Loudish! Grab it for free: Boooom

This one is a Moombashment tune from the new Irie Maffia album. The famous hungarian reggae band teamed up with the king of the dancehall beenie man for this one!

NICE☆J drops a wicked bass driven version of the legendary Punnany Riddim! “Rain From The Sky” is a collaboration with japanese singjay Ninety-U from his second album.

My munich based buddy Doubla J has voiced the Rico Tubbs tune from the T & A released Moombashment EP “Fresh Meat”. Free Download!

This one is a remix by Schlachthofbronx from Wildlife!’s Roxy Reboot Remix album. Get their remix of Natalie Storm’s cover version of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by The Clash, for free.

I like this mashup a lot! Lord Lyta from the Flash It Up Soundmachine/Belgium took the “1 In A Million” Brostep Riddim from Flow’s Cosmic Jam EP and put a Kiprich acapella on it. Well done dude, it’s awesome.

Last one for this roundup is a heavy Ragga-Dubstep tune by US producer FreQ Nasty and UK vocalist Spoonface, out soon.

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