Soviet Bass II by Midget Ninjas

Posted On By Caballo


My favorite Soviet Bass project, the Midget Ninjas Soundsystem are releasing their highly anticipated second part of that epic Soviet Bass

Here what Midget Ninjas say about Soviet Bass:

In our struggle against the world dominance of the commercial music the secret clan of Midget Ninjas unleashes the weapon of last resort. The red button has been pushed, the gates are now opened and the Soviet Bass weapon has been launched.
Mechanized babushkas, Lenin’s clones, bass canons and drum blasters are covering the invasion of the Leninism Virus. It is infiltrating in every sound system, in every club and radio station.
The revolution which began in the underground is now spreading to the streets and dancefloors. The Soviet Bass army is going from country to country launching shyorikenz inna di air.
Shhhhhh! Do you hear that? Who’s knocking at your door?! It is Lenin and his party. And they’re gonna party hard!!!