2irie – Latino Mafia EP


This is a real hard beats with Caribbean flavors.

The original track, produced by Venezuelan Tropikore is a high melting moombahton electro. It has a bass line that clearly shows his influence. Finally, a particle of reggae guitar skank expresses the sentiment that runs throughout the Caribbean, not to mention percussion and tribal instinct. From start to finish, the English lyric by Barbadian 2Irie, showing its potential to excite the public and spread it to their urban edge, to become the issue in a soundclash full of good vibes and fists up.

The remixes that add strength and keep the voice resource. Thus Blingyeras from Bariloche, Argentina, proposed in this first remix to his career as a producer, a playful Moombah air of dancehall and hip hop, with highly technical and styling in rhythmic database programming.

Then Deucci from Caracas, Venezuela, shows an interpretation with influences of dubstep, electro and even rock, to form in their entirety a Moombahcore destined to break any scenario.

Then, Chong X, overall international reference & tropical bass, from Peru, favors us with an exclusive dub reggae, where the low speed percussion, confirms once again his versatility as a producer. A taste for all to share with the master mr ChongX.

Download it here