Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 31

Wow again – how Time runs !! Because of serious business, first I was thinking about to delay this Cumbia Round Up again, then the Sun comes out here in Germany and I had to much energy and I got to much Cumbias for only 5 Slots, soooo…this time you get a doble portion of beautiness. Lil Cumbia Mixtape to celebrate Primavera. So here it is Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up Round 31. Some of you may know that im in shooting mode at the moment, so also check out my Cumbia del Django.

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Siete Catorce
Cumbia No 1 – Noche – Siete Catorce
Mexicali’s Marco Polo Gutierrez aka. Den5ion has an new EP out via. Cocobass where he counts the history of an 18 years joven who killed his whole family in colorfull music between Tech-house, Cumbia Digital, Hip Hop and 3ball.

Cumbia No 2 – Guns of Brixton – Chicha Libre
I was always a big Fan of The Clash and Brixton is just a magic place breathing lots of british Reggae History. So here comes Chicha Libre, a Brooklyn-based collective which count members from Mexico, France, Venezuela and the US with a new 4 Track EP playing some Cover Versions. Chicha was a Peruvian form of cumbia, itself the most popular – and often most populist – of all South American rhythms. In the 1970’s, Peruvian musicians took their cues from Colombian dance music and their own Amazonian and mountain traditions, but also from British and Californian psych rock. Chicha musicians favored electric guitars with wah pedals and fuzztone and worshipped Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix – and Willie Colon.
Chicha Libre
Cumbia No 3 – Viene de Mi (Captain Planet Remix)
Charlie B. Wilder aka Captain Planets Sound lies somewhere between Brooklyn, Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans and the Congo. Here he is remixing the Argentinian singer La Yegros in a rootsy Cumbia meets early 90’s NY-Dancehall inna gumbo funk stylee. Great Stuff !!
La Yegros Facebook

Cumbia No 4 – Distrito Cosmico – G-Flux – La Yorona Feat. Luis Torrealva
G-Flux aka. Gustavo Naranjo es Productor and DJ Mexicano located in Washington DC. He is part of the marvelous Super Cumbia Futurista Collectiv. “It’s a song inspired by the Maracuyeah community — music elevating and uniting people beyond the mundane in collective and collaborative experiences that celebrate culture, community and fun,” says Lucy Pacheco AKA La Yorona, who wrote and sings this DC cumbia original (G-Flux composed the music and Luis Torrealva weighs in on chorus). Real Beauty shure makes you dance !!

Madre MonteCumbia No 5 – Subidero (Kinky Electric Noise Remix) – Madre Monte
Miami, Fl based Colombian/American Kinky Electric Noise combines the musical and cultural influences of Latin America (cumbia, porro, vallenato, chicha, champeta) and the Caribbean (dub, reggae, dancehall) with the bass heavy sounds of early hip hop, electro, breakbeat and house. Hard hitting horns funkin’ up 50s style Cumbia, a tight rhythm section dissecting Afro-Colombian progressions, skankin’ guitars infusing reggae grooves, and a front man recreating the ancient mythological stories of Colombia all intertwine to create what is now Melbourne’s unique 9-piece Latin Reggae outfit Madre Monte. By the way: KEN also got a remarkable Guns of Brixton Remix !! This was released via Aztek Electronic Music.
KEN SoundcloudFacebookBandcamp
Madre Monte HomeFacebookSoundcloudBandcamp

Cumbia No 6 – Ray Charles (Gueto Cumbia Funk Remix) – Marcelo y Marios
Marcelo Margot aka Marcelito is Dj and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina specialiced in House Cumbia, Digital Cumbia, Cumbia Psicodelica, Afro Beats, Trap and Step. Here we have a Remix of an classic Ray Charles Tune.

guxCumbia No 7 – La Millonaria Gozadera – Gux Swadharma
Gux Swadharma is a Dj/ Producer of Electropical*Bass + LatinDubstep + CumbiaPorro Digital + GlobalBass from Bogota/Colombia. Shure you remember his “classic” Eps Candela Machine and Wepaje fish.

Cumbia No 8 – Wow (ft. Radio Radio) – Boogat
BOOGAT is a French Canadian Spanish vocalist from Montreal/Canada bridging latin groove with urban and electronic music. He already played some major international festivals like Montreal Jazz Fest, Toronto Small World Music Festival or Sonar Festival in Barcelona. During the last 18 months he released 2 free mixtapes, 1 EP and many collaborations with musicians from all around the world. His song El Alto De La Paz with Mati Zundel was part of NPR’s and the Washington Post favorite 100 songs of 2011. His explosive live show will turn any situation into a party for both the latin fans and a larger audience. This is part of his new Album El Dorado Sunset wich you could get via his Bandcamp

Cumbia No 9 – Humo en el agua – Sr. Coconut (Le Cumbianche Disco Remix)
OK, lil speech lesson – Spanish: Humo en el agua – English: Smoke on the Water – German: Rauch auf dem Wasser. Would you please add your languge in the comments (French, Japones, Russian … pleeeease). This is a Classic rock Song in Sr. Coconuts style remixed by Le Cumbianche Disco aka Oliver Toledo, Dj and Producer from Tabasco and Oaxaca/Mexico.

ChinchesCumbia No 10 – Mueva Calor – Los Chinches
Los Chinches are a combination of Peruvian percussionists and London bred guitar and keyboard players creating an epic new sound that harnesses the psychedelic twists of Peruvian Cumbia and the Punk and Ska spirit of London. Namely they draw upon the style of Cumbia developed in Peru in the 1960s – known as ‘Chicha’ – which, along with their unique rocking tropical energy, makes for blistering live performances and an ever-growing reputation. Watch out for their new Album “FONGO” releases via Movimientos Rec.

Last but not least – You may think about the man what you want – he made people think and showed different ways to go and that it’s time for a change – R.I.P. Comandante Hugo Chavez – Peace and Love to our Venzuelan Brothers and Sistas !!

Familia – Nos escuchamos el proximo segundo domingo – Cuuuumbia – Andrés Digital

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