Watcha Clan – Hasnaduro/Im Nin’Alu Remixes EP


Finally the Watcha Clan new Ep is out!! The magestic French band meets Global Beatmakers Maga Bo, Shazalakazoo, Kosta Kostov, ADF’s Dr. Das, Dj Delay and Dr cat!

Impressive tracklist!
01 Hasnaduro (Shazalakazoo Remix)
02 Hasnaduro (Kosta Kostov Remix)
03 Hasnaduro (Dr Cat Remix)
04 Im Nin’Alu (Dr Das Remix)
05 Im Nin’Alu (Maga Bo Remix)
06 Im Nin’Alu (Dj Delay Remix)

For over ten years Watcha Clan has been one of the most innovative music collectives for globally inspired grooves, always exploring new sounds from their inspirational headquarters, the melting pot of the Southern French city of Marseille, one of the oldest cradles of Mediterranean culture.

Watcha Clan website

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