XÃO Productions – Favela Trvp Album

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I think this album is exactly what baile funk and especially trap needed, at the moment! It’s DJ Comrade from XÃO Productions who refreshed and modernized both musical styles by simply fusing them.
After the big success of his very first trap funk tune “Mulherada” he instantly started to collaborate with brazilian Funk MC’s and produce more tunes like this. Now, the result of his hard work was released in the form of this twelve track strong album. The “Favela Trvp” entitled release features vocals by MC Creu, Ialy, Doriva, Fernandinha, Vakao and Gus, as well as Maiquinho, Trez and Cesar Do Castro, next to a couple of montagems.

Stream the whole album here:

If you like what you’ve just heared, support the artists by buying a copy of “Favela Trvp”! I guess it’s self-evident, though.

Facebook: DJ Comrade

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      1. Bonus Track – Not on the Official Release! will change it to twelve tunes ;)

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