MikkiM – Offbeat Rhapsody Album

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The Prague based producer MikkiM is known for his blends of various electronic dance music styles with elements of ska, reggae, dub, balkan, swing and punk.
While in Kingston/Jamaica he teamed up with some upcoming reggae and dancehall artists to record a couple of tunes for his new “Offbeat Rhapsody” entitled album. The album also features three new tunes with vocalist Gary Asquith from UK electronic music group Renegade Soundwave…
What i like most about this album is the variety of styles you probably have never heared in this particular constellation. More or less, the only remaining part here is the influence of jamaican music.
Since there are 15 tunes to discover, i’ve just picked my three favorites to present the album to you.
If you want to prelisten all of them use one of the players below to get to MikkiM’s soundcloud profil.

Facebook: MikkiM

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