Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 27

Amigos y Amigas de la Cumbia, here comes Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up for Tropical Bass. Check it – grab it. Its nice to see how many people listening to older Editons of the Round Up – they are all online – check it out. This should cool down all the people who asking me when I will do a new “Desde Colombia hasta el Mundo Mix”. Asi vamos – Escuchen – Listen carefully !!

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #27 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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SubversivoCumbia No 1 – Digualito al Canto (Original Mix) – Dj Subversivo
Mauricio Araya Sandoval aka DJ Subversivo comes from Santiago de Chile and is traveling through Latinoamerica (Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, México etc.) to leave all frontiers behind. He has a big Tropical Album out via Konn called “Caminos de Fuego”. The Tune you are listening two is from Latino Resistes new Compilation UKU PACHA NGA. You could download this here.


Cumbia No 2 – Sabor & Descontrol Refix – Kuto Selektah Quilla
“Kontra todo Autoridad” is the new Album from Kuto Quilla Selektah (Peru). It was released via Caballito and deliver Sounds between Reggae Cumbiónico, Cumbiaton and Dub Guarachero always spreading the message. Kuto is traveler by choice, Selektor & Producer by passion. Catch him on Sargento Garcias “Radio Timbo” with his Thursday Evenig Show “Sin Systema & Con Sonido”… and load the Album!!


Cumbia No 3 – La Cabellona (RMX P18 Live Machine Remix)
The P18 Live Machine bringing together Electro, Drum and Bass, Cuban Rhytms and many more Latino Stuff. P18 is Thomas Darnal (Ex Keyboarder of La Mano Negra) from Paris, France and live it’s a Ten-Piece Band. Shure you will remember the URBAN CUBAN Album with the legendary “La Verdolaga” Version. Check out his new Remix-Album “Contrabanda Sonora”. You could listen it or download it for free.


Cumbia No 4 – OzoTON – Sandwich Island Bass
Sandwich Island Bass (Darren Quinsaat (aka SLVRSNKRS), Joti Mangat and Rudy Castorina (aka Helmet Conspiracy)) is a Hawaiian/French/British DJ/production trio based in Maui, Hawaii with the mission to put the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) on the global bass music map. With a ton of original material about to drop and a growing reputation for cutting edge DJ sets that are all inclusive, eclectic, groovy and bass heavy with an ear towards the underground sound. 2012 is only the start for them so watch out. This Moombah Banger is using Samples from classic Ozomatli Cut “Cumbia de los Muertos”

Cumbia No 5 – Ahí va que viene – Ale.Mania.Tica
Alemania Rubalcaba comes from Xalisco, Mexico and lives in Zürich, Suiza also shes cooking Mermelada der Mermaids. She has a new Ep out, wich is called Kuikatlamatilistli and brings Cumbia, Dancehall, Tropical Mash Ups together. Download it here


OK Cumbieros y Cumbieras I step back to my mixing desk working on my 3 !! upcoming EPs wich will be out very soon. Take care Amigos y Amigas !! Sincerly yours Andrés Digital

PS: If you don’t got enough Cumbia now check out this two brilliant mixtapes wich are my friends from London and Paris have done —- Movimientos Cal Jader presenting his 2012 Cumbia Resume Cal Jaders Cumbia Bounce 2012 and Mama Cumbias Pedrolito visit Peru in his new Mix Pedrolitos Tribute tu Peruvian Cumbia