Caballo- POWsh ME

CABALLO & TMFK- POWsh me from caballo on Vimeo.

Caballo- POWsh ME (Video in description) by caballo

This is a track I made to support Aboriginal Resistance, as we need to realize that it is very good we encourage newer generations to know about first nations, but we must do it with respect, not racially stereotyping. A culture is not a Fashion, although we can be inspired by them, let people know why or in which way you support that indigenous culture.

The inspiration for this song came from some particular events: As you can see, No doubt’s video.. Paul Frank’s and many more Fashionistas who just want to nickel without engaging in the indigenous communities struggles.. and finally wise words from Ian Campeu aka DJ NDN from A TRIBE CALLED RED about the redskin, redface stereotype.

These are his words: ” The fact that people dress in Redface by the tens of thousands every Sunday makes it harder to tell colonial society that its racist. Blackface is NOT worn by tens of thousands every Sunday. It puts it into perspective for settler nation. Calling Redface simply cultural appropriation (which it is) kind of dismisses the fact it’s marginalizing and racially stereotyping an entire race of people. Which is racism at it’s worst. I don’t like to compare struggles either because they are different. The race riots of the 60s were caused because of racial tension in city settings. Aboriginals were not allowed to leave reserves therefore no riots in the cities for us. The main difference between Redface and Blackface is one is deemed socially unacceptable to dress in. The other is completely acceptable in the eyes of society. Two years ago, students from a Montreal university dressed in blackface and it made national news. Again every Sunday tend of thousands of NFL fans dress in Redface. It’s not only acceptable, it’s a fashion trend. Using blackface as a comparison opens people’s minds to the fact that Redface is, in fact racist. I argue openly on many different social media sights about the horrifying use of Blackface. I do it in solidarity. As oppressed peoples in North America, we have far more in common than “whitey shithead”.