Notification: TropicalBass Vol.2 – Caribbean Influenced Bass

Posted On By Leub

We think that it’s time to start collecting Tunes for our second Compilation, which is estimated to be released in early 2013! Since we want to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of it, we’ve decided to announce it officially, this time. Also we don’t want to focus on a single music style, like before, so we’ll just give you a simple theme and we’re highly curious of your very own interpratations of it.
The theme is “caribbean influenced bass”! How it should sound?! Well, please tell us… We’re open minded for all of your suggestions.

We’ll consider to release all of your tunes, we’ve recieved until November 1th. Of course, you should have all necessary rights, since we’re talking about a official release. Also we would prefer exclusive tunes, in a few cases we might make an exception, though. In the end, we pick the songs we like best, of course!

Please send your tunes to:

the header of your mail should include “TB Vol2”, so we won’t miss any of your contributions! Our inbox is a mess… ;)

Thanks in advance,

your team