Jairo Mendez – Latino Hustler EP

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Jairo “campesino” Mendez is back!!
The dude has left the country side totally and since he moved to the city, he started a tight relationship with venezuelan bests, and rapidly gained production skills, earning him a spot among the dudes who rule venezuelan bass scene!!!
now he joins the list of talented venezuelan producers musical that parade down SUB KLUB´s musical catwalk. His ep Latino Hustler is an angry mapping of several styles that we’ve been hearing lately on the bass scene.

His personal style has influences from uk funk, some things of trap and a subtle tropical touch. Traveling atmospheres, sharp synths, aggressive hi hats and deep basslines shown a precise combination that make this, a great release.

Jairo Mendez – Bodhichitta (FREE DL in description) by subklub
Jairo Mendez – Latino Hustler EP by subklub

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