Babylon Motorhome – Comocumbia

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From Venezuela, Babylon Motorhome, comes to drop the real venezuelan revolution!! A cumbia one!!

This excellent band was pointed to me by a good friend and also a legend of the whole cumbia movement, Blankito Man, from King Chango.

Anyway, lets start with this amzing or as venezuelan would say (burda e’ buena) cumbia..jazz, rock, hybrid!!

BabylonMotorhome – ComoCumbia RadioEdit by Pilla Records

If you love Latin Music, this is a TRUE JEWEL!!!

BabylonMotorhome – Angustia – (simon diaz remix) by Pilla Records

They are also dropping a FREE Drum n Bass version of their Como Cumbia
Babylon Motorhome – Comocumbia – Drum n Bass Mix – (emmerson&turtled) by Pilla Records

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