Rebel Sonix Remix Competition – Winners

Posted on 08 May 2012 by Marflix


A little less than a month back we asked you to remix Rebel Sonix new tracks “Back it up” and “Bass pon de weekend”. The turnout was great: over 20 submissions on a high quality level made it not easy for the jury to chose winners. Most tracks were close and deciding for the winners was more a less a choice of personal taste.

And finally, here are the winners:

1st: Mike Dreams remixing Back It Up (Mike Dreams on Facebook)
2nd: Asenso remixing Bass Pon De Weekend (Asenso on Soundcloud)
3rd: Topflyte remixing Back It Up (Topflyte on Soundcloud)
4th: Kaster remixing Bass Pon De Weekend (Kaster on Soundcloud)
5th: Malibu Rockers remixing Back It Up (Malibu Rockers on Soundcloud)

Congratulations from Rebel Sonix, TropicalBass staff, BigNHairy, Yard and Groove3.

Larry (Rebel Sonix)
Flo (Big’n’Hairy)
Marflix (

The winners will be contacted for the prices.

This competition was made possible with the friendly support of Yard Gear and Groove 3.

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  2. Fan Says:

    YEAH ASENSOO!!! His remix is fire!

  3. Fan #2 Says:

    where’s lemonlime?

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