The New Wave III – Moombah FREE COMP

If you were checking Tropical bass few days ago, here we posted some of the guys who we thought were killing it in the moombah scene..
We knew Brice (the head behind Walmer Convenience blog) was doing the third part of the New Wave installment in where they drop the guys who deserve a spotlight as their production is killer and still kinda under the radar.

And the guy really nailed it.
As simple as that.

I personally went to see Walmer playing last weekend, and his set included one or two of the bombs in here. Really glad to see this kind of Original Moombah.

When we did our post, we had basically NO IDEA, who was in the final selection.

But kinda glad we did mention and posted some of the guys who made it.

This is a BANGER!!
Deep Blue – The Helicoptor Tune (Tri:bal Remix) by Walmer Convenience

N0MS goes Aqua ton

Noms – Aquaton by Walmer Convenience

Moombahsoul’s MVP right now: Kink Kong
King Kong – Ecstasy by Walmer Convenience

SAUR – Syncope by Walmer Convenience
And Many more
including our Mate BUMPS
Eat My Horn (Free DL New Wave III EP for Walmer Convenience) by Bumps


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