Ruta Panamericana del Sonido: Cielo Roto

Ruta Panamericana del Sonido keeps travelling to the continent… and after Argentina, RPS arrives to Chile!

This is the second stop in a trip, in where a-la Che Guevara, RPS will be travelling through the whole continent, unveiling some of the particular sounds of every country they visit as outsiders, and also how artists see their own culture:

Ruta Panamericana del Soindo: CIELO ROTO FREE DOWNLOAD

This trip explains why Chile is perhaps the most vanguardist country in South America in terms of electronic Music, preserving a unique identity. Indigenous and andean sounds.

Chulita by Cholita Sound/Purdy Rocks

But even more impressive that this indigenous-andean influenced music, we can show two practically unknown genres for outsiders in Cielo Roto, : Jazz guachaca and Dub Guaracha, something that came from outside, and as soon as chilean musicians heard jazz or dub, they adapted it to their own style. Hopefully new generations of producers keep dropping these two styles.
This song is a dub edit of a Jazz Guacacha track, who was originally performed by Roberto Parra ( Violeta’s brother)
Dub Guachaca [Roberto Parra Refixed] by LATA

Dj Subversivo brings Victor Jara in an impressive Dub roots that is totally worth downloading the EP for that tune.

Chong X’s heavy bass approach brings all the power to a very musical trip
Matanza – Puya (Chong X Remix) by latinoresiste

Ruta Panamericana del Soindo: CIELO ROTO FREE DOWNLOAD

Matanza, Daniel Klauser, Cholita Sound, prove how proud Chilean are from their Andean indigenous roots, while Lata and Dj Subversivo show how immersed in politics Chilean people still are.

Chong X and Caballo travel with them thru the Chilean Sky, this Cielo Roto.


Big thanks to Antartek, Konn, and Diamond Recs in Chile whose artists are featured in this edition of RPS.
Chong X and Caballo are artists of The Rebel Records.

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  1. esta la raja weon el post que te pusiste caballo loco weon-o, la cago como sabi cabro reculiao-oh < chilean slang for BIG UP.

    on a righteous note, roberto parra was violeta´s brother, not her uncle.

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