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This post is about Music.
Although music that can cause a small change.
People from all over the planet are supporting Indigenous Cultures, their languages, traditions and music.
Let’s try to get some shine in the latest releases about this complex situation:

IR Indigenous Resistance is a global resistance collective creating music that is crucial to the Indigenous movement.

Asian Dub Foundation’s Dr Das drops this great tune, which tries to keep alive what happened in ATENCO, and why is important to keep Zapatista attitude

A release like IR26 THIS LAND IS NOT FOR SALE/IVERE is only possible because in addition to the talented and generous musicians who contribute to the recordings there are folks behind the scenes often in the shadows who contribute so much and so often on short notice for the cause. Sound engineers like Alejandra Toro Salom (Colombia), designers like Dubdem (Brasil), Tapedave (USA), translators like Moondub (Uruguay), Manueladub (Colombia), Olovotu (Solomon Islands) & Jahteecha (Jamaica). IR participants are found in many countries some of which are often described as ‘third “ or “fourth” world many of IR’s working locations are extremely deficient in technology. This creates a network and working environment that requires intense cooperation revolving around the relaying of materials, logistical help in file delivery and the usual pitching in to make sure essential things happen across “the digital divide.”

And as you can see this is the 26th!! SUPPORT IT

And if you made it here, it means you are really interested in sharing what is happening to the last indigenous tribes, who are struggling to keep alive their traditions.

Before A Tribe Called Red could drop some shine about Canadian first Nation, and get these tribal music a global update; IR dropped some dub trying to support all the amazing richness of these tribes

And I would like to add more personal and releated material to the post:

ZAPATISTAS have been a very active player in Mexico’s Indigenous resistance, and after almost a decade, Miles de Rabias (thousands of Rage) drop a HUGE compilation for FREE
You can download it via REBEL SOUNDS

Moving south, Peruvian Quechua is practically unknown to the world, and the only approach we have to the quechua music, is Wendy Sulca, which is not even close to the beauty of the real Indigenous music.

Magaly Solier (yep, the most Intelligent, humble, talented and beautiful Quechua Artist I have ever seen) is perhaps the only one who can reach this side of the globe.

Her music is simply mesmerizing

So if you have the chance to support
ANY of these releases, you will be not only helping the artists, but also giving motivation to them to keep fighting.
You will also get some amazing music, and the satisfaction of keeping it rebel, regardless which tribe you belong to.

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  1. Thx Tropical Bass/Caballo for this forum! 


  2. Just found out about the IR today!  I promote the GREAT GATHERING movement!  The Elders are speaking!  The Dogon, Hopi, Kogi, Mayans and others are stepping forward with messages to save humanity at this time!  Below is a free E-Book I’ve written on the subject along with writings on the power of Music & Youth Culture to significantly raise the vibration of the planet!   Hit me up on Facebook: MACK YANGA to network and build momentum! 


      1. The above links to my free E-Book are not working correctly.  To download the E-Book, just look for the link on my YouTube Channel:  LUMUMBARUMBA

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